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Small World of Warcraft - Board Game

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Product Description

In 2020, the Small World of Warcraft board game was released. The game is set in the video game universe, Azeroth. Players don't need to own the World of Warcraft video game to play this game.

What the players need to know is that this world is simply too small to support everyone, thus a survival fight is a must. Additionally, the world itself is hostile. The players must choose the best combination of races and special powers if they want to survive. The races include, but aren't limited to Portal Mage Pandarens and Herbalist Goblins.

Survival means occupying legendary places, controlling powerful magical artifacts, and reaching new levels of domination. The goal is to become the new ruler of Azeroth through whatever methods possible, even starting over.

There's no solitaire version and while up to 5 players can play, the best game experience is in 4.