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The Walking Dead (Comic) - Black And White Zombie 2-Pack Action Figure - McFarlane - Series (2011)

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Product Description

Introducing the Black and White Zombie 2-Pack Action Figure by McFarlane from The Walking Dead Comic Series (2011). This exclusive Diamond Comics release features a horrifying duo of undead mayhem.


  • Dynamic Duo: Unite the zombie Lurker and Roamer for a nightmarish team-up. This black and white 2-Pack offers a unique and rare collectible for fans, combining the grotesque features of both figures.

  • Lurker's Grisly Transformation: Pull the Lurker's torso up, and witness its shocking split at the waist, revealing its intestines and internal organs, transforming it into a horrifying legless "crawler."

  • Roamer's Head Burst: Press the button on the Zombie Roamer's back, causing its head to gruesomely split open vertically, unleashing an explosive, disturbing torrent of blood and brain fragments.

  • Removable Arm Segments: Both figures come with removable arm segments that expose jagged bones and torn muscles, along with other gory surprises, delivering a chilling level of realism.

  • Collectors' Delight: Perfect for avid collectors and horror enthusiasts, this 2-Pack offers an extraordinary display piece that captures the true essence of The Walking Dead's undead horrors.

  • Historical Release: Originally launched in September 2011, this 2-Pack is a valuable piece of memorabilia, representing a significant milestone in The Walking Dead comic series.

  • Original Paint Finish: Crafted with original paint, the figures boast a high-quality finish, ensuring that every intricate detail is impeccably highlighted, making the horror truly authentic.

  • Compact Scale: Standing at 4 to 4.5 inches, these figures are ideal for display, allowing you to create your own nightmarish scenes.

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