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The Walking Dead (Comic) - Ezekiel and Shiva Resin Statue - McFarlane - Series (2018)

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Product Description

Introducing the remarkable Ezekiel and Shiva Resin Statue from The Walking Dead (Comic) by McFarlane, a collectible that pays homage to a beloved character and his faithful companion.


  • Epic Tribute: This statue is a grand tribute to King Ezekiel, a respected ruler in 'The Kingdom,' and his loyal companion, Shiva the tiger, as they stand tall against the relentless Walkers.

  • Exceptional Detail: Every element of this statue, from the intricately detailed sword blade to Shiva's whiskers, showcases a commitment to precision and quality in design.

  • Limited Edition: As a limited-edition collectible, this statue is individually and sequentially numbered, making it a highly sought-after item for fans and collectors.

  • Impressive Size: Standing over 13 inches tall, this cold-cast resin statue commands attention and adds a touch of grandeur to your collection.

  • Comprehensive Display: The statue features Ezekiel, Shiva, and four Walkers, creating a captivating scene that captures the essence of The Walking Dead (Comic).

  • Authenticity Certificate: Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Todd McFarlane, the creator, underscoring its genuineness.

  • Magnetic Assembly: The magnetic assembly ensures a secure and easy setup, allowing you to display this remarkable piece with confidence.

  • Painted to Perfection: Hand-painted with meticulous care, the statue boasts lifelike colors and finishes, adding depth and realism to the characters and scene.

  • Collaborative Design: Developed in conjunction with Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment, this statue reflects the creative synergy of top talents in the industry.

  • Release Date: Available since February 12, 2018, this collectible has been captivating fans with its exceptional design and attention to detail.

  • Resin Excellence: Crafted from cold-cast resin, this statue promises durability and long-lasting enjoyment.

  • McFarlane Legacy: Designed by Todd McFarlane and his award-winning McFarlane Toys design group, this statue upholds the McFarlane legacy of quality and creativity.

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