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The Walking Dead (Comic) - Negan Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 5 (2016)

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Product Description

The Walking Dead (Comic) - Negan Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 5 (2016)


  • Captivating Character Representation: Immerse yourself in the world of The Walking Dead with the strikingly detailed Negan action figure from McFarlane. This rendition vividly captures the essence of the notorious character from The Walking Dead comic series.

  • Prisoner Outfit Detailing: Negan's infamous prisoner outfit is intricately replicated, complete with long hair and a grown-out beard, showcasing the character's journey through imprisonment and redemption.

  • Intriguing Accessories Included: This action figure comes with 22 points of articulation for dynamic posing, accompanied by his iconic weapon, Lucille, a realistic-looking bucket, and a strikingly detailed severed Ken head on a stake with a base, paying homage to the pivotal events in the comic.

  • Release Date and Authenticated Specs: Originally introduced to the market in September 2016, this Negan action figure boasts original paint, a standard 5-inch scale, and arrives in a secure blister packaging, ensuring the preservation of its intricate details.

  • Collectible for Enthusiasts and Fans: Perfect for die-hard fans and collectors, this action figure serves as a timeless tribute to the compelling narrative of The Walking Dead (Comic), preserving a pivotal moment in the series with its meticulously designed features and accessories.

  • Impeccable Articulation for Versatile Display: With 22 points of articulation, this Negan action figure allows for a multitude of dynamic and expressive poses, enabling enthusiasts to recreate their favorite scenes or craft entirely new scenarios within The Walking Dead universe.

  • Realistic Homage to the Series: Embrace the essence of the gripping storyline as this action figure pays homage to the complex dynamics and power struggles between Negan and Rick Grimes, immortalizing a crucial chapter in The Walking Dead's narrative with its meticulously crafted design.

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