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The Walking Dead (Comic) - Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 4 (2015)

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Product Description

Introducing the Paul 'Jesus' Monroe Action Figure from "The Walking Dead (Comic) - McFarlane - Series 4 (2015)." This collectible embodies the essence of a natural-born survivor and skilled fighter in the post-apocalyptic world. Discover the remarkable features that make this action figure a standout addition to your collection.


  • Naturally-Gifted Survivor: Paul 'Jesus' Monroe possesses exceptional combat and self-defense skills, making him a sought-after ally and a valued member of the groups he aligns with.

  • Friend, Not Foe: Initially viewed as an adversary, Jesus has been embraced by Rick's group, with his invaluable talents aiding his friends in surviving the harshest of circumstances.

  • Motocross Samurai: The figure portrays Jesus in his Motocross armor, with his hair pulled back, giving him the appearance of a new-age post-apocalyptic Samurai.

  • Iconic Weapons: The figure includes a pistol, as well as Jesus' iconic sword with a sheath, showcasing the weaponry that has helped him and his friends endure in the unforgiving world of "The Walking Dead."

  • Release Date: July 2015, signifying a pivotal moment in "The Walking Dead" comic series.

  • Original Paint: The figure features original paint, ensuring an authentic representation of Paul 'Jesus' Monroe.

  • Unique Scale: This figure is in a scale distinct from the standard, making it a unique addition to your collection.

  • Action Figure Format: Ideal for display and imaginative play, enabling fans to recreate iconic moments from the comic series.

  • Blister Packaging: The figure is presented in blister packaging, offering protection and showcasing its details, making it an eye-catching addition to your collection.

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