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The Walking Dead (TV) - Abraham Ford Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 6 (2014)

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Product Description

Introducing the "The Walking Dead (TV) - Abraham Ford Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 6 (2014)" – A Tribute to Strength and Leadership!


  • Abraham Ford: Relive Abraham's impactful journey with this action figure, a must-have collectible for fans of The Walking Dead.

  • Brand: The Walking Dead (TV): Officially licensed and part of The Walking Dead TV series merchandise, ensuring top-notch quality and authenticity.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: Immerse yourself in the gripping world of The Walking Dead with this detailed action figure, perfect for enthusiasts of both movies and TV shows.

  • Former Sergeant: Abraham Ford, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, was introduced in season 4 as he and his companions embarked on a crucial mission to Washington D.C., carrying valuable information about the outbreak.

  • Seeking Allies: Abraham attempts to enlist the help of Glenn and Tara on their journey to the capital, ultimately joining forces with Glenn in the search for Maggie and their trek to Terminus.

  • Armament Arsenal: The figure includes a pistol, SMG (Submachine Gun), and a combat knife, showcasing Abraham's readiness for any challenges that come his way.

  • Release Date: Originally released in December 2014, this action figure captures Abraham Ford's presence during a pivotal period in The Walking Dead series.

  • Original Paint: The figure features original paintwork that accentuates every detail, ensuring a lifelike representation of Abraham Ford.

  • Scale: Standing at 5 inches tall, this figure is the perfect size to fit into your collection and honor one of The Walking Dead's memorable characters.

  • Packaging: The Abraham Ford Action Figure comes in blister packaging, making it easy to showcase and protect as a cherished addition to your collection.

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