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The Walking Dead (TV) - Allies Deluxe Box Set Action Figure - McFarlane - Series (2018)

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Product Description

Introducing the Unforgettable "The Walking Dead (TV) - Allies Deluxe Box Set Action Figure" from McFarlane's Series (2018) Relive a pivotal moment in The Walking Dead's saga with this meticulously crafted Deluxe Box Set. Immerse yourself in the iconic encounter of Rick, Daryl, and Jesus, a meeting that forever altered the course of the series.


  • ALLIES DELUXE BOX SET: Step into the heart of AMC's The Walking Dead as Rick, Daryl, and Jesus cross paths, marking the introduction of the beloved character Paul Rovia, also known as Jesus. Witness the convergence of these iconic figures as the story unfolds.

  • Brand: The Walking Dead (TV): Directly from the acclaimed TV series "The Walking Dead," this Deluxe Box Set offers an authentic representation of the characters, ensuring a profound addition to your collection.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: Seamlessly blending elements of film and television, this Deluxe Box Set captures the essence of the series' drama, tension, and camaraderie.

  • Product Type: Action Figure, Deluxe Box: Immerse yourself in the world of action and narrative with these posable 5-inch figures, meticulously designed to recreate a defining moment in the series.

  • Fully Posable Figures: The set includes three fully posable 5-inch figures of Rick, Daryl, and Jesus, allowing you to recreate dynamic scenes and imaginative scenarios.

  • Weapon Accessories: Each figure comes with weapon accessories that define their characters: Rick's Colt Python, Daryl's Pistol & Knife, and Jesus' Colt AR-15A2, Pistol, and alternate hands. These accessories enhance the realism and storytelling possibilities.

  • 22+ Points of Articulation: With over 22 points of articulation, these figures can be posed in a multitude of lifelike stances, enabling you to capture the essence of the characters and their interactions.

  • Spectacular Likeness: Witness the astonishing likeness of Rick, Daryl, and Jesus, meticulously recreated through advanced 3D scans of the actors. These figures are a testament to the artistry and attention to detail that define McFarlane's craftsmanship.

  • AMC's The Walking Dead™ Themed Packaging: The figures and accessories are prominently displayed in AMC's The Walking Dead™ themed window box packaging, showcasing the characters and their defining items in a visually striking manner.

  • RELEASE DATE: July 2018: This Deluxe Box Set was released in July 2018, capturing a significant moment for fans and collectors alike.

  • SPECS: Original Paint, Format: Action Figure, Deluxe Box, Scale: 5 Inches, Packaging: Deluxe Box: These specifications underscore the quality, authenticity, and collectible nature of McFarlane's creations.

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