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The Walking Dead (TV) - Dale Horvath Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 8 (2015)

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Product Description

Introducing the Dale Horvath Action Figure from The Walking Dead (TV) - McFarlane - Series 8 (2015). This collectible pays homage to Dale, the calming force and moral compass among the original group of Atlanta survivors.


  • Moral Compass: Dale Horvath played a crucial role in the group by providing wisdom and moral guidance. His watchful presence and willingness to speak up for the group's best interests made him a respected elder.

  • True Likeness: This action figure captures Dale's iconic look, complete with his trusty lawn chair and binoculars. It features approximately 22 points of articulation, allowing for versatile and lifelike poses.

  • Iconic Accessories: The figure comes with essential accessories, including a folding lawn chair, binoculars, bucket hat, and a rifle. These items are reminiscent of Dale's character and his role as a lookout for his friends.

  • Original Paint: The figure and accessories feature original paintwork, ensuring that every detail and color is an authentic representation of Dale Horvath's appearance in the show.

  • Release Date: This collectible was released in October 2015, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

  • Genre: Designed for fans of Movies & TV, this action figure immerses you in the world of The Walking Dead and Dale Horvath's enduring presence.

  • Scale: Standing at 5 inches tall, it's the perfect size for display, fitting seamlessly into your collection.

  • Packaging: The Dale Horvath Action Figure is presented in blister packaging, keeping the figure and accessories safe and making it easy to display.

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