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The Walking Dead (TV) - Michonne Action Figure - McFarlane - McFarlane Collector Program (2016)

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Product Description

Introducing the Fearless "The Walking Dead (TV) - Michonne Action Figure" from McFarlane's Collector Program (2016) Step into the enigmatic world of Michonne, a fierce survivor and protector, with this meticulously crafted action figure.


  • MICHONNE: Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of Michonne, a character who has embraced her role as protector and confidant of Rick Grimes. This action figure captures Michonne's fearlessness and determination.

  • Brand: The Walking Dead (TV): Derived from the acclaimed TV series "The Walking Dead," this action figure offers an authentic representation of Michonne, making it a significant addition to your collection.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: Seamlessly blending elements of film and television, this action figure brings to life the drama, tension, and character depth of The Walking Dead.

  • Product Type: Action Figure: Immerse yourself in the world of action and storytelling with this intricately designed action figure, poised for dynamic posing and imaginative play.

  • Series: McFarlane Collector Program: As part of McFarlane's prestigious Collector Program, this action figure reflects a commitment to quality, detail, and providing an exceptional collector's experience.

  • Fearless Survivor: Michonne's resilience and unwavering determination are showcased, reflecting her transformation into a fierce protector.

  • Signature Katana Sword: The figure stands approximately 7 inches tall and comes with Michonne's iconic katana sword, a weapon that defines her character.

  • Stylized Display Base: Each action figure includes a stylized display base, enhancing the character's presence and adding an extra layer of authenticity to your collection.

  • Accurate and Hyper Realistic Paint Decoration: The action figure features accurate and hyper-realistic paint decoration, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail.

  • Multiple Points of Articulation: Enjoy various dynamic poses with the action figure's multiple points of articulation, allowing you to recreate iconic scenes.

  • RELEASE DATE: July 2016: This action figure was released in July 2016, marking a significant moment for fans and collectors alike.

  • SPECS: Original Paint, Format: Action Figure, Scale: 7 Inches, Packaging: Color TopsĀ® Collector Edition: These specifications underscore the quality, authenticity, and collectible nature of McFarlane's creations.

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