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The Walking Dead (TV) - Michonne Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 3 (2013)

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Product Description

Introducing The Walking Dead (TV) - Michonne Action Figure from McFarlane's Series 3 (2013). This meticulously crafted action figure brings the enigmatic Michonne to life, and it's a must-have addition for any fan of The Walking Dead.


  • Michonne: Step into the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead with the Michonne action figure. Michonne is the mysterious stranger known for her katana blade and the two pet walkers she keeps in tow. She's a silent yet formidable warrior with a compelling presence.

  • High Articulation: This action figure features an impressive 24 points of articulation, allowing you to recreate iconic scenes and dynamic poses from the series with remarkable flexibility.

  • Removable Poncho: The figure comes with a removable poncho, allowing you to depict Michonne's distinctive appearance as she navigates the unforgiving world.

  • Katana Sword with Sheath: Michonne's iconic katana sword, complete with a sheath, is included as an accessory, making it the perfect tool for the character's signature walker-slaying moments.

  • Series 3 Collectible: Part of McFarlane's Series 3 collection, this action figure reflects the commitment to authenticity and detail that fans of The Walking Dead series hold dear.

  • Realistic Design: Crafted with original paint, this figure captures every detail, from Michonne's attire to the intricate design of her katana sword.

  • Perfect Size: Standing at a 5-inch scale, this action figure is ideal for both play and display. It fits seamlessly into your collection and commands attention on your shelf.

  • Companion Figures: Michonne's Zombie Pet 1 & 2 are also available in The Walking Dead TV Series 3, allowing you to collect them separately and complete the set.

  • Release Date: This action figure was released in March 2013, making it a valuable piece of memorabilia for fans who want to relive the intense and captivating moments from the series.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: The Walking Dead (TV) action figures belong to the Movies & TV genre, and the Michonne action figure is a prime example of how collectibles can bring your favorite characters to life.

  • Blister Packaging: The Michonne action figure comes in blister packaging, ensuring it's well-protected and ready for display or gifting.

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