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The Walking Dead (TV) - Negan Merciless Edition Deluxe Box - McFarlane - Series (2018)

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Product Description

Introducing the Ruthless "The Walking Dead (TV) - Negan Merciless Edition Deluxe Box" from McFarlane's Series (2018) Immerse yourself in the chilling persona of Negan, leader of The Saviors, with this meticulously crafted Deluxe Box.


  • NEGAN MERCILESS EDITION: Step into the treacherous realm of Negan, an unrelenting foe who leaves no room for mercy. This Deluxe Box encapsulates Negan's ruthless nature and chilling presence.

  • Brand: The Walking Dead (TV): Derived from the acclaimed TV series "The Walking Dead," this Deluxe Box presents an authentic portrayal of Negan, making it a prized addition to your collection.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: Seamlessly blending elements of film and television, this Deluxe Box captures the tension, drama, and darkness that define The Walking Dead.

  • Product Type: Deluxe Box: Immerse yourself in the world of collectible artistry with this intricately designed Deluxe Box, showcasing Negan's merciless demeanor and iconic weapon.

  • Leader of The Saviors: Negan, the formidable leader of The Saviors, stops at nothing to eliminate those who oppose him. His weapon of choice, the infamous Lucille bat, wrapped in barbed wire, signifies his unyielding brutality.

  • Blood Splatter Paint and Clean Shaven Face: The figure stands 10 inches tall and features an all-new pose, enhanced with blood splatter paint and a clean-shaven face, capturing Negan's appearance during a critical point in Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead.

  • In-Scale Lucille Bat: Equipped with an in-scale Lucille bat, the figure captures Negan's signature weapon, emphasizing his chilling method of intimidation and elimination.

  • Iconic Season 7 Outfit: Sculpted in his iconic outfit from Season 7, the figure authentically recreates Negan's attire, adding a layer of realism to your display.

  • RELEASE DATE: April 2018: This Deluxe Box was released in April 2018, marking a significant moment for fans and collectors alike.

  • SPECS: Original Paint, Format: Deluxe, Action Figure, Scale: 10 Inches, Packaging: Deluxe Window Box: These specifications underscore the quality, authenticity, and collectible nature of McFarlane's creations.

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