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The Walking Dead (TV) - Rick Grimes Action Figure - McFarlane - Series (2013)

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Product Description

Introducing The Walking Dead (TV) - Rick Grimes Exclusive Action Figure from McFarlane's Series (2013). This exclusive figure encapsulates the transformation of the small-town sheriff's deputy into a hero and leader of survivors during Season 3, while wearing his distinctive prison attire.


  • Rick Grimes Exclusive: This action figure features the iconic character, Rick Grimes, who evolved from a small-town sheriff's deputy into a heroic leader of survivors during Season 3. His prison attire is a striking representation of this transformation.

  • High Articulation: The figure boasts 14 points of articulation, allowing for dynamic poses and scene recreation. You can authentically depict Rick Grimes' evolution and adaptability.

  • Interchangeable Hands: This figure comes with interchangeable hands, providing a range of display options and enhancing the character's versatility.

  • Removable Revolver: Rick's trusty revolver is removable, allowing you to create scenes where he wields different weapons or interacts with other characters.

  • Rifle with Strap: The figure includes a rifle with a strap, an essential accessory that reflects the character's resourcefulness and adaptability in the face of threats.

  • Animal Control Stick: Rick is equipped with an animal control stick, ideal for capturing walkers and showcasing his role in ensuring the safety of the group.

  • Exclusive Availability: This figure is exclusively available at select retailers, including Walgreens, Hastings Entertainment, and Grosnor Distribution, making it a highly sought-after and unique addition to your collection.

  • Release Date: The Rick Grimes Exclusive Action Figure was released in October 2013, offering fans a valuable piece of memorabilia to commemorate the character's pivotal moments in the series.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: The Walking Dead (TV) action figures belong to the Movies & TV genre, and this exclusive figure allows you to bring the series' iconic characters to life in your collection.

  • Packaging: The figure comes in blister packaging, ensuring it's well-protected and ready for display or gifting.

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