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The Walking Dead (TV) - Zombie Biter Action Figure - McFarlane - Series 1 (2011)

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Product Description

Introducing The Walking Dead (TV) - Zombie Biter Action Figure by McFarlane. This action figure captures an iconic and gruesome moment from the series, making it a must-have for fans and collectors.


  • Zombie Biter: Relive a memorable moment from the series with this gruesome Zombie Biter action figure. This character played a significant role in fans' introduction to Daryl Dixon. Found feeding on a deer in the forest near the survivors' camp, the Zombie Biter met its end at the hands of the group, ultimately stopped by Daryl's signature crossbow.

  • Attention to Detail: McFarlane Toys is known for its commitment to detail, and this figure is no exception. It faithfully captures the gruesome and distinctive appearance of the Zombie Biter, ensuring that fans can relive the moment with authenticity.

  • Unique Play Action: Like all of McFarlane's The Walking Dead zombie figures, the Zombie Biter features unique play action. In this case, the figure has a spring-loaded moving jaw, allowing your Zombie Biter to actually "bite," adding an extra layer of interactivity to your collection.

  • Deer Meat Accessory: This figure comes with a deer meat accessory, which connects to the iconic scene it was a part of. This accessory enhances the storytelling potential and allows you to recreate the moment in vivid detail.

  • Perfect Size: Standing at a scale of 4 to 4.5 inches, this action figure is ideal for both play and display. It seamlessly integrates into your collection and serves as a thrilling addition for fans and collectors.

  • Release Date: The Zombie Biter Action Figure was released in December 2011, offering fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of The Walking Dead history and commemorate a significant moment from the series.

  • Genre: Movies & TV: The Walking Dead (TV) action figures belong to the Movies & TV genre, and this figure allows you to bring one of the series' most memorable moments to life in your collection.

  • Packaging: The figure comes in blister packaging, ensuring that it's well-protected and ready for display or gifting.

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