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Yu-Gi-Oh Rising Rampage Special Edition

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Product Description

A new Wave crashes over the Duelling world! Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game rising rampage special edition includes 3 booster packs of rising rampage, along with 2 (of 4) new super Rare cards, including Princess cards from the upcoming booster set, or a salamangreat Monster exclusive to this release! Princess is a major new water Monster theme in Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game rising rampage, and they're getting Even more cards in October core booster set. This special edition makes the high tide come in early, by releasing princess cards from the upcoming booster set over a month early – and they're be tournament-legal on release! If your rather play with fire than water, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game rising rampage special edition also includes a new salamangreat Monster for some howling good fun! Here‘s a preview on what else you can expect in the 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game rising rampage packs in each special edition: master the tenyi arts! The practitioners of tenyi martial arts discard their material possessions and mortal abilities and instead channel the unbridled power of nature by communing with the Planet itself. Princess rule the seas! Blue maiden‘s ignis-powered Cyberse strategy from Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains makes land in Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game rising rampage. Just drawing this theme‘s basic Monster, marincess sea horse, is enough to let you Summon the link-3 marincess marbled rock and add marincess sea horse back to your hand! The witchcrafters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game The info nity chasers complete their masterpiece! Take delivery of witchcraft Golem aruru and you can upgrade any spell caster-based deck with a Monster that hides in your hand until your opponent targets your spellcaster with an attack, card, or effect, And then makes them regret it!

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