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Yu-Gi-Oh - Legendary Duelists Season 1 - Booster Pack Bundle

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Product Description

One of the first things to know about the Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Duelists Season 1 is that this is a booster pack. However, this is a box that contains more than a booster pack.

Here are the contents of the Legendary Duelists Season 1 Box:

  • 1 of 10 double-sided character art cards, featuring a character whose cards are represented in the set.
    • The reverse sides of all the cards form a mural that Syrus Truesdale has.
  • 1 of 7 Secret Rare variant cards
  • 2 Legendary Duelists: Season 1 Booster Packs. 

    The 10 characters that are possible to find are Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Mako Tsunami, Zane Truesdale, Syrus Truesdale, Maximillion Pegasus, Weevil Underwood, Bandit Keith, Vellian Crowler, and Jesse Anderson.

    Each booster pack contains:

    • 1 of 4 standard Ultra Rare preview cards from the Rise of the Duelist
    • 2 of 16 colorful Ultra Rares (blue, green, or purple)
    • 15 of 94 Commons

    Considering all of these possible cards, it's easy to understand that the chances of 2 boxes from Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Duelists Season 1 being the same are very slim.