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Yu-Gi-Oh - Speed Duel - Starter Deck - Ultimate Predators

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Product Description

The best way to start playing or dueling in a trading card game is through a preconstructed theme deck. This is especially true for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. The Speed Duel Stardecks: Ultimate Predators is a very good start for reasons we'll disclose next.

Through this product, you won't get just 1 deck of cards, but 2. This is the 3rd set in the TCG's Speed Duel Starter Decks series. This Duel Stardecks is based on two notorious rivals: Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood.

 Here are the contents of the box:

  • 1 deck of 30 cards for Rex Raptor
  • 1 deck of 30 cards for Weevil Underwood
  • 4 Skill Cards (2 cards for each character)
  • 2 Ultra Rare variant cards
  • 1 double-sided Deluxe Game Mat and Rules

The back of the packaging lists the cards in each deck. The cards are split by deck and by type - monsters, spells, traps, skills, and variants. 

Speed Duel is a format specially created for beginners to learn the rules of the game. Because the decks included in such sets are smaller as far as the number of cards, the duel will last for far less time than other duels. 

Rex Raptor Decklist:

1x Serpent Night Dragon
1x Two-Headed King Rex
2x Uraby
1x Crawling Dragon #2
1x Tomozaurus
1x Anthrosaurus
1x Black Tyranno
1x Super-Ancient Dinobeast
1x Mad Sword Beast
1x Gilasaurus
1x Gale Lizard
1x Dark Driceratops
1x Hyper Hammerhead
1x Element Saurus
1x Black Stego
1x Gentlemander
1x Raise Body Heat
1x Ultra Evolution Pill
1x Spacetime Transcendence
1x Cost Down
1x Summoner's Art
1x White Elephant's Gift
1x Heat Wave
2x Card Advance
1x Hunting Instinct
1x Reinforcements
1x Pharaoh's Treasure
1x Limit Impulse

Weevil Underwood Decklist:


1x Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
1x Petit Moth
1x Big Insect
1x Basic Insect
1x Winged Cleaver
1x Kumootoko
1x Alinsection
1x Insect Queen
1x Cocoon of Evolution
1x Man-Eater Bug
1x Pinch Hopper
1x Insect Princess
2x Gokipon
1x Bee List Soldier
1x Beetron
1x Laser Cannon Armor
1x Forest
1x Verdant Sanctuary
1x Insect Neglect
1x Worm Bait
1x Enchanting Fitting Room
1x Dark Factory of Mass Production
1x Amulet of Ambition
1x White Elephant's Gift
1x Eradicating Aerosol
1x Spider Egg
1x Corrosive Scales
1x Adhesion Trap Hole
1x Order to Smash

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