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Gunfire Reborn | Crown Prince Build | A Comprehensive Guide

Master Crown Prince in Gunfire Reborn with our elemental build guide! Unlock, abilities, elements, gear, and scrolls for victory. Get ready to win!


John Reeves

March 03, 2023

Gunfire Reborn Crown Prince Gunfire Reborn Crown Prince

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Struggling to win a run in Gunfire Reborn? Crown Prince is one of the best heroes to win your first run with. Today we will focus on an elemental build for the cat in Gunfire Reborn, Crown Prince! Since this guide is focused on newer players who need help winning runs in the first few difficulties, we won't touch on Spiritual Blessings. However, we will discuss Talents, Abilities, Scrolls, Ascensions, Weapons, and more! If you're ready to become the master of elements, let's get into it!

How Do You Unlock Crown Prince in Gunfire Reborn?

Unlike most characters in Gunfire Reborn, you don't need to level up your talents to a particular level or spend soul essence to get the cat, Crown Prince. He's the base character everybody can play fresh out of the tutorial. Lucky you, he's also one of the strongest characters. While he has the slowest movement speed in the game, his elemental affinity allows him to apply fusion effects like Combustion and Miasma easily. Those two elemental fusion effects are the focus of today's build guide!


How Crown Prince's Primary and Secondary Abilities Work in Gunfire Reborn

Primary Ability: Energy Orb

This skill launches a powerful orb that explodes on contact, dealing decent damage and freezing any enemy in its blast radius for 2 seconds. The AOE (area of effect), damage, number of charges, and freeze time can be upgraded with ascensions. The Energy Echo ascension can also give it an elemental effect based on the weapon you're holding, which is very strong.


Secondary Ability: Smoke Grenade

The smoke grenade is the crux of any elemental build with the Crown Prince, at least in the early to mid-game. Throwing one of these bad boys causes a toxic smokescreen of corrosion, dealing damage for three seconds and applying Decay with a 100% chance each time it deals damage. This is incredibly strong and makes applying fusion effects stupidly easy. Notably, the Acidominance ascension, when at level 3, creates smoke grenades when dealing a Crit Hit to an enemy, which takes on any upgrades to your smoke grenades.


Crown Prince's Passive Abilities

For the most part, Crown Prince's Passive Abilities are self-explanatory. If you're focusing on this hero for a while, it's likely going to be more impactful to upgrade his talents than the basic talents in the main talent tree.

Efficient Orb

Efficient Orb

Mystic Guard


Large Area Smoke


Energy Charge


Contingency Plan


How Elements and Fusions Work


Burning can be applied by the weapons with Fire-type damage. Fire deals 50% more damage to Flesh (HP, red bar) and 25% decreased damage to Shields (blue bar) and Armor (yellow bar). Burning deals 20% of a hit's damage each second for five seconds. The hit which will be chosen is the strongest Fire hit from the last 5 seconds. It can trigger Combustion or Manipulation in combination with the other elemental effects.


The Decay effect can be triggered by using Corrosion damage. Corrosion damage deals +50% damage to Armor, and -25% damage to Flesh and Shield. Decay itself decreases the target's movement speed by 50% for five seconds, and it can trigger Combustion or Miasma in combination with the other two elemental effects.


Shock is triggered when using a weapon with the Lightning damage type. Lightning deals a bonus 50% damage to Shields and 25% less against Flesh and Armor. Shock causes enemies to take 10% increased damage for 5 seconds. It can also create Miasma or Manipulation in combination with the other elemental effects.



Manipulation is triggered when an enemy is affected by both Shock and Burning. It causes the affected enemy to target other enemies or stop attacking if no other enemy is nearby. However, the damage done to other enemies is very low, and it doesn't affect elites or bosses, which makes it the weakest elemental effect in most situations. That's not to say it's weak, just that the other two are very strong.



Combustion is triggered by inflicting Decay and Burning on the same enemy. This deals an extra 200% damage (for the hit triggering the Combustion) and 100% damage in a 5-meter AOE. This can only be triggered once every 0.12 seconds per enemy, but trust me, that's plenty. The Combustion effect also staggers enemies, and its damage can be doubled with a level 3 Pyrodominance ascension, which is available to the Crown Prince. Combustion damage is also considered to be Corrosion and Fire-type damage, so it deals 50% bonus damage to both Flesh and Armor, with only a 25% drawback to Shields.



Miasma is created by applying Shock and Decay effects to an enemy simultaneously. This effect deals True damage equal to 9%/0.75%/0.3% of the maximum health of the enemy it's applied to per second for 5 seconds. 9% is for regular enemies, while 0.75% and 0.3% are for Elites and Bosses, respectively. This damage applies to Shields or Armor first, dealing double the normal amount of damage when it hits either. It can also be stacked up to 9 times on any particular enemy, with each stack dealing damage independently. In multiplayer, the damage is divided by the number of players, but when playing solo it's easily the best elemental fusion.

Best Crown Prince Build Guide: The Elemental Fusion Build

As I'm sure you have gathered from the descriptions of each elemental fusion effect, we will want to focus on either Combustion or Miasma. Miasma is much stronger in higher difficulties since the damage scales with the enemy's max HP, and it's also best when solo. However, in lower difficulties, both have extremely strong effects that can deal tons of extra damage to enemies. Let's talk about which weapons we will use to apply Burning or Shock to create these powerful effects.

The Best Fire Weapons for this Build

These are the six best Fire weapons for a Combustion-style elemental build, in my opinion. These choices prioritize the rate of Fire and elemental effect chance, but damage may be a major factor for some of them.


This is one of the best weapons in the game for any build. It has a unique effect wherein each hit on a weak spot will increase the weapon's base damage by +10%, which can stack up to 99 for a +990% damage boost. This is normally impossible because the stacks reset upon reloading or switching weapons, but with a powerful scroll like Advanced Depot, this is very achievable. In addition, its decent elemental effect rate of 10% and high fire rate make it a fantastic candidate for applying Burning and possibly the single strongest weapon for a Combustion build on the cat.

Laser Glove


Both sets of gloves are fantastic elemental weapons, but the Laser Glove does more damage in general. This weapon is great but is only worth choosing over the Thunderclap Glove if you have a strong set of Fire-related scrolls or ascensions or if it has the inscription that makes all elemental effects spread to enemies within 8 meters. Either way, its high rate of Fire gives it a decent chance at applying Burning, even with only a 5% base chance, and its range is extremely high.

Flame Dragon


The Flame Dragon is even stronger at proccing elemental fusions than the Laser Gloves, with a base elemental effect chance of 20% and a similar rate of Fire. However, its range and inability to hit weak spots make it a more risky choice. It may be worth it if you are okay with getting up close and personal, but using it can be very dangerous.

Crimson Firescale


The Crimson Firescale is essentially a 'poor man's Demonlore.' It has a high rate of Fire and a 12% elemental effect chance, but it's not as accurate as many other weapons, and its damage isn't as good as the Demonlore. It does feature a weapon skill that launches fives explosives, which improves its damage and helps with elites, bosses, and horseheads. However, it's simply not the strongest choice available.

Scorching Rounds


You may be surprised to see a pistol on this list, but the Scorching Rounds is a decent weapon. It does an alright job at applying elemental effects, with a 25% chance and a slower rate of Fire. However, it is great for hitting weak spots if your aim is good. The Burning effect will be more impactful since each hit is higher, and the Combustion damage procs will also be higher. I like this weapon a lot, especially earlier on in the run, and it's somewhat underrated by the community.

Dual Fang


The Dual Fang is more of an honorable mention than a true top pick. This weapon is technically classified as a corrosion weapon, but it can apply Combustion by itself since it alternates between corrosion and Fire every other hit. It has a good fire rate and a 10% chance to inflict Decay or Burning with each hit, but considering the Crown Prince's smoke grenades, it's not as good as having a dedicated Fire or Lightning weapon.

The Best Lightning Weapons for this Build

These five weapons will be some of the strongest for applying Miasma when combined with your smoke grenades. These are mainly chosen for their rate of Fire and elemental effect chance.

Thunderclap Glove


Many people probably consider the Thunderclap Glove the best weapon for a Miasma build, and there's no doubt it's in the top tier. As an injector, its rate of fire is unmatched, as is its accuracy. It deals less damage than the Laser Glove but has a built-in passive that hits targets nearby your main target, which can spread your damage and elemental effect chance to more enemies. This makes it a great candidate for spreading Miasma, even though its low effect chance of 5% may seem paltry.



The Pupil is a very strong weapon in Gunfire Reborn that shoots 10 projectiles in a spread. However, if you charge the weapon shots, they will come in closer and hit on a more accurate point. This means you have the flexibility for extra single-target damage by charging and a greater ability to spread elemental effects when not charging your shots. Its 10% elemental effect chance and low fire rate make it seem weak at spreading Shock, but the number of projectiles helps to increase this to a very respectable rate.

Star Devourer


The Star Devourer is a strange weapon. Some people think it's amazing, while others think it's garbage. I think it's one of the best weapons for this build, with a 10% Shock chance and a massive rate of fire. However, it reloads automatically when you stop firing. After getting used to reloading naturally in the flow of the game, this can be annoying, but for newer players, it can be helpful. Overall, I'd place the Star Devourer next to the Flame Dragon. Both weapons have a mediocre range but a great ability to spread elemental effects at mid-range.

Lightning Blast


On paper, this weapon looks about as good as the Star Devourer, but with a great weapon skill. The weapon skill makes a forcefield sphere that will grant enhanced weapon damage, projectile speed, and range to shots that pass through it. However, it is more of a distraction in most cases and a bit underwhelming. It has a decent rate of fire (about half that of the injectors or the Star Devourer) and a 20% elemental effect chance. Try this one out if you don't find anything better, and see what you think about it.

Arc Light


This Kunai is probably the best of the three for an elemental build on the cat. Its 20% Shock effect chance and lightning bolts give it a good chance of spreading Miasma when combined with your Smoke Grenades. It's perhaps slightly better than the Scorching Rounds for elemental effects and has a weapon skill. This skill could be better, but it marks enemies, which produce more lightning arcs when hit. It can be an underwhelming weapon, but it's pretty good at spreading the Miasma effect.

Ascension Tier List: Best Ascensions for Elemental Crown Prince

Feel free to keep this tier list open during your runs with the Crown Prince. I recommend focusing on the elemental and smoke grenade ascensions as they provide the most to the build.



  • Choose Pyrodominance or Electrodominance, depending on the damage type you plan to focus on. All things held constant, Pyrodominance is better at level 3.
  • Acidominance isn't stronger than Pyrodominance and Electrodominance until level 3 when it becomes incredibly powerful.
  • Wildfire is more than sufficient at level 1, so after that, I'd put it into 'If there's nothing better.'
  • Acidominance procs will take on the effects of any grenade ascensions you have.
  • Backpack Expansion is better if you still don't have the Expert Proficiency Talent leveled up.

Which Occult Scrolls to Grab

There are over 100 occult scrolls in the game, so let's focus on the ones that are good in this build or with this hero specifically. For this build, I'd suggest focusing on building up the Crown Prince's biggest strength, elemental effects, and covering his biggest weakness, which is movement speed. Many other scrolls can be helpful, such as ammo-saving or damage-reduction scrolls, but those are strong on every character, so we'll save the discussion on those for now. If you want to read about those, check out our Occult Scroll Tier List!

Elemental Relic


Elemental Relic has a pretty simple benefit to this Crown Prince build. It adds 5% elemental damage for 10 seconds each time you kill an enemy that's affected by one of the elemental effects. This is easy to keep going as you will be applying elemental effects as often as possible anyway.

Elemental Bestowment


Similarly to Elemental Relic, this scroll will be useful to the build without you even thinking about it. You'll recover a percent of your Max HP and 5 ammo for the equipped weapon each time you deal an elemental effect to an enemy. Note: This can only activate once per second. However, that's plenty, considering you're likely to apply effects often during battle, depending on your weapon of choice.

Double Exhilaration


This scroll doubles the number of smoke grenades you can hold. However, this can be very strong if you have yet to level up the talent Expert Proficiency. I wouldn't suggest choosing this over another scroll on this list if you already have Expert Proficiency at level 5, but it's rarely a detriment.

Elemental Torment


This scroll offers a simple damage boost for the elemental build. It gives you a 20% boost in lucky shot chance if you hit an enemy with any elemental effect. Handy!

Fire Enthusiast


Fire Enthusiast is one of the more contentious scrolls on this list because it can be a hindrance. When you apply Burning, you'll also be burned, which means you'll take some damage over time. However, this scroll also gives you 2% life steal while you're Burning, meaning you could become nearly invincible. It pairs well with Flame Shard, Resilient Life, Flesh and Bones, and any other scroll that requires you to take damage to activate. Note: Flame Shard will neglect the damage taken, but not the life steal effect, and the +50% Fire damage will be very easy to keep up.

Corrosion Enthusiast


Corrosion Enthusiast is another scroll you should think about before taking it. However, it will decrease the effective movement speed de-buff of the Decay effect and offer some damage resistance. This pairs extremely well with Snow Boots, Decay Driver, and Corrosion Shard.

Lightning Enthusiast


Of the three enthusiast scrolls, this is the safest one to grab. It doesn't hamper your movement speed or deal damage to you. Applying the Shock effect will make you 10 percent more susceptible to damage. However, it increases your Lightning damage by 75% and pairs very well with the Lightning Shard.

Flame Shard


Flame Shard is safe to grab on any build. It makes you immune to the continuous damage of the Burning effect and gives you 25% extra Fire damage, which doubles while you're Burning. For this reason, it works very well with the Fire Enthusiast scroll and a Fire weapon.

Corrosion Shard


Like Flame Shard, the Corrosion Shard offers 25% corrosion damage, doubling to 50% while under the Decay effect. It also negates the detrimental effects of the Decay effect and works well with Corrosion Enthusiast.

Lightning Shard


While the negative effects quelled by this scroll are meager compared to Corrosion Shard and Flame Shard, it's still great for adding extra Lightning damage and pairs well with the Lightning Enthusiast Scroll.

Flesh and Bones


This is another scroll that you may not be comfortable grabbing. It converts all of your shield (or Armor for Qing Yan) into HP and restores 4 percent of your max HP per second. However, any max shield boosting effects will affect your max HP instead. The max shield and max HP options on peculiar chests will boost your max HP. (although the max HP rewards are still generally higher) This also synergizes with the Elemental Shield ascension of Crown Prince, so if you're using Flesh and Bones, you should consider that one.

Elemental Magazine


Elemental Magazine is good for 50% additional damage when you inflict an elemental effect. This is particularly strong when you're triggering many elemental effects with a strong weapon.

Fish or Bear Paw


Fish or Bear Paw used to be good when it read: "-50% weapon DMG. Every attack hits twice." This is because it would effectively deal the same amount of damage but give each projectile two chances to trigger elemental effects. However, for some reason, it was changed to 40% decreased weapon damage, and the doubling effect is only effective for up to 15 projectiles. It does offer 3% extra weapon damage for excess projectiles, though. They made it even stronger, so it's definitely worth choosing on an elemental build.

Elemental Convergence


Elemental Convergence is another generally good scroll for Crown Prince, boosting elemental damage by 15 percent for each nearby enemy affected by an elemental effect. This can stack up to 5 times for a solid +75% boost.

Elemental Weave


Elemental Weave is one of the most busted scrolls in the game. Elemental damage will always cause an elemental effect for three seconds after swapping weapons. No, literally. With the Thunderclap Glove and your smoke grenades, you can easily apply Miasma to every enemy on the screen within three seconds, which makes this very strong for elemental builds.

Elemental Power


This scroll offers a 25% boost to elemental damage and passes elemental effects to random nearby enemies when inflicting them. This is strong and can compensate for lacking one of the weapons that already do something similar or the inscription that does it much better. However, even if you had those things, it's only beneficial.

Snow Boots


This scroll gives you immunity to slows and decreases damage taken from traps by 50%. It works very well with Corrosion Enthusiast, as you'll actually get a movement speed buff when affected by Decay. (Along with giving it to yourself and the damage reduction, of course)

Abnormal Speed


This is a great scroll for overcoming the Crown Prince's slow movement speed. It offers an additional 3% movement speed for every 10% of your Shield or Armor meter that is full. It won't work if you've got Flesh and Bones, however.

Advanced Joggers


50% reduction in Dash cooldown. Sweet! Works great with Ostrich Rider.

Ostrich Rider


Ostrich Rider offers a 50% movement speed buff in return for a 300% increase in the cooldown of Dash. Luckily, cooldown reductions such as Advanced Joggers can mitigate this effect. With both, you'll move 50% faster, but you'll have twice the initial cooldown for your Dash. These scrolls also work well with Propulsion Device.

Strategic Advantage


Strategic Advantage gives you a 40% movement speed buff for 3 seconds after using a Dash. This pairs very well with Propulsion Device, but it's one of the strongest scrolls in the game, regardless.

Propulsion Device


This scroll gives you three charges instead of one for your Dash!

Decay Driver


This scroll screams Crown Prince. It gives you +20% movement speed for 3 seconds after inflicting Decay or hurting Decayed enemies. It takes advantage of his biggest strength to cover his biggest weakness. Nice!

Inscriptions to Look Out For

There are a ton of great inscriptions for this build. None of them are strictly required to make the build work, but some could make or break your run. Here's a quick list of inscriptions I like for this build and an example pairing for the elemental share Gemini Inscription.


The Best Gemini Inscription for the Build

Of course, the best Gemini Inscription in the game is the Spore Gemini. However, with this build specifically, the Elemental Share Gemini works beautifully. Here's an example with a Pupil and a Fire Tower. I didn't use the Fire Tower, but as you can see with this set of inscriptions, my Pupil triggered a ridiculous amount of Shock and Burning and spread it to everybody easily. I also had Acidominance level 3 on this run, which meant I'd sometimes be inflicting 9 stacks of Miasma, Manipulation, and Combustion in a single shot. Hopefully, that helps you visualize the insane potential Crown Prince has with an elemental build!



Well, that does it! Hopefully, you found some value in this in-depth Gunfire Reborn Crown Prince guide on the elemental build. Feel free to keep the Ascension Tier List open while playing with this hero, as that can be super useful in weighing your decisions during a run! Go out there and conquer whatever difficulty you're struggling with!

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