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Gunfire Reborn | Lei Luo Build | A Comprehensive Guide

Harness Lei Luo's power in Gunfire Reborn!  Create a deadly sniper with lightning speed and lethal abilities. Dominate Gunfire Reborn with Lei Luo!


John Reeves

March 20, 2023

Gunfire Reborn Lei Luo Gunfire Reborn Lei Luo

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Lei Luo may seem like one of the weaker characters in Gunfire Reborn, but do not be fooled. His relatively complex playstyle comes with massive benefits. Not only is he the fastest-moving character in the game, but his ascensions, talents, and abilities massively boost his single-target burst damage, especially with snipers. Learn how to one-shot enemies and hit for millions of damage with this Gunfire Reborn Lei Luo build guide!

How Do You Unlock Lei Luo in Gunfire Reborn?

Lei Luo is unlocked by reaching the talent level of 55. This occurs after unlocking Ao Bai and Qing Yan, however, reaching talent level 55 doesn't take more than a handful of hours in the game. Luckily, thunder sniper, Lei Luo is an incredibly powerful character well worth the investment. Besides, you can unlock valuable talents simultaneously, so there's no real drawback to rushing to unlock him!


Active Abilities

Primary Ability

Lei Luo's primary skill, Fatal Current, gives him a movement speed buff of 30% and a skill damage buff of 50%. Hitting the first shot during the state ends the bonuses, deals 100% extra damage, and summons a lightning bolt to strike the enemy. Lei Luo's strongest ascensions build this skill up significantly, such as Magical Supply recasting the skill upon a Crit.


Secondary Ability

Chain Lightning is Lei Luo's secondary skill, summoning a bolt of lightning from his paw that bounces to additional enemies to deal damage. This skill can be taken advantage of for a powerful chain lightning build, but it's more of an accessory for the sniper build discussed here. However, it will be one of your best methods for dealing with tiny enemies like Horned Beetles.


Passive Abilities



Gifted Man






Surging Crit


The One-Shot Lei Luo Build

As Lei Luo specializes in snipers, we will give him some defenses, followed by going all in on critical hit damage. In general, we'll focus on the biggest hitting single-target snipers, with the notable exceptions of Strike Wing and piercing weapons, which also work well. 

Best Weapons for One-Shot Lei Luo

Golden Bow


The Golden Bow is if you're comfortable aiming without a scope, the best option for single-target sniper damage. Charging each shot fully, you can shoot once per second with a base damage of 400 and a CritX of 4.0. This makes it over three times more potent than its stat card implies. Its base damage also scales incredibly well with CritX, so it's an optimal choice for Lei Luo. 

Double Caliber


The Double Caliber consumes two special ammo per shot, for a double projectile shot. Its overall single-target damage per shot is incredible, only rivaled by the Golden Bow and the Goshawk. However, its incredible scope makes it an excellent option for people who prefer the traditional scoped snipers, and if you get a Crit hit with both projectiles, your ammo is recovered. Like other strong single-target weapons, it struggles to deal with groups of small enemies like Lantern Spirits or Horned Beetles. 

Strike Wing


While the Strike Wing isn't exactly the strongest sniper in the game for single-target damage, it does an outstanding job dealing with crowds. When you hit an enemy, three additional arrows at 50% of the weapon's base damage (200% on a crit) target enemies behind the initial target. This means an elevated level of CritX cannot boost your additional arrows. However, this weapon has the best CritX of the entire in-game arsenal, with 5.0 base CritX. This makes it an incredible option in the early game. It can be easily adapted into a secondary weapon for CritX Gemini and prove useful for quickly dealing with nuisances like Lantern Spirits and Fiddler Crabs.



The Goshawk is the crossbow equivalent to the Golden Bow. It takes a little while to charge and shoots a powerful shot. However, unlike the Golden Bow, the Goshawk cannot be fired at a partial charge, and its projectile has a bigger hitbox. With the scope and bigger projectiles, it's much easier to hit your target, but you may find the cadence of the weapon a bit difficult to get used to, which is my opinion of the weapon. 

Bloody Drill


The Bloody Drill is a sniper that doesn't get much usage by other heroes at all. It shoots rather slowly and doesn't have the greatest base damage of the snipers. However, its unique bleed effect gives it a bonus of 50% extra damage as true damage that is dealt directly to health. This is extremely useful on enemies with massive shields or armor, as you can defeat them without completely destroying their first health bar. It's also one of two snipers with piercing by default, so you can hit enemies behind your initial target for extra damage.

Piercing Flame


The Piercing Flame is a sniper that deals Fire damage, has a 40% chance to apply Burning, and pierces enemies by default. This means it can hit an enemy behind your initial target, but it can also penetrate through physical shields like the ones held by Horseheads. It doesn't deal the most damage of any sniper, but the Burning effect deals a massive amount due to the sniper's considerable base damage. It's a strong weapon in the early game and can be used throughout a run with suitable inscriptions. If you find one with the rare inscription "When triggering Elemental Effect, spread it to all enemies within 8m" or "Killing an enemy with a critical hit deals the weapon's base damage to enemies within 10m," it can be an AOE damage machine. Note: When spreading Burning to enemies that haven't been hit, the damage ticks are the same as the ones on the initial target of Burning. This means the relatively high Burning damage is translated to all enemies with this weapon. 

Lightning Ksana


Like the Piercing Flame, the Lightning Ksana is a sniper with an innate elemental effect. However, the Shock effect just doesn't tend to be as helpful (on its own) as the Burning effect. It can be combined with Burning for Manipulation or Decay for Miasma. Still, neither of these options work quite as well with snipers as the combustion effect, which the Piercing Flame could much more adequately apply. The Lightning Ksana also works quite strangely, requiring you to perform no-scope Crit hits to gain charges which strengthen its scoped Crits. It also has the ability to apply shields in co-op, but you have to shoot your teammates with it to place the shields. Overall, the weapon feels weaker and clunkier than most of the other snipers, and I'd probably just use it in the early game and keep it as a secondary weapon for CritX Gemini if you haven't found a Strike Wing yet.

Woodpecker and Sting


The Woodpecker is one of the best early-game weapons due to its relatively high rate of fire and good Crit damage. However, it's not the best for this build, as we're focusing on massive single-shot damage. Sting is very much in the same place. You could hold on to a Woodpecker or Sting to deal with groups of smaller enemies more quickly, but they aren't even the best option for that purpose. 

Non-Snipers That Crit Easily


Weapons like Shreiker, Cavalry, Scorching Rounds, Aura of Venom, and Rainbow Arch work decently well with Lei Luo's kit, but they don't tend to be viable options unless you're running the Gradual Improvement, which is only available in Reincarnation modes.

Ascension Tier List

The Functional Tier List

If all you're looking for is a function tier list of ascensions for the build, here's my ranking for them. However, below the tier list, I'll discuss why each ascension in the top two tiers deserves its spot. This build will work great in any mode, but it relies quite heavily on your aiming abilities. I've been able to one-shot bosses like the Abyssal Serpent, even on Nightmare mode. This tier list was tested primarily in pre-Reincarnation mode, so keep that in mind. 


Voltaic Aegis


If you're familiar with any of my builds, I always like to prioritize a certain level of survivability over my main damage source. This helps in a game like Gunfire Reborn because it can be very easy to die if you get hit once or twice by the wrong enemy. Voltaic Aegis stacks up max shield and damage reduction. These stacks persist until you take damage, upon which you lose one stack per instance of damage. You can have three stacks at levels 1 and 2 and 5 stacks at level 3. The stacks accumulate faster during Fatal Current and even faster as you level up the ascension. Each stack offers a 5, 10, or 20 max shield bonus depending on the level of the ascension and a 10%, 15%, or 20% damage reduction. This is one of the strongest survivability ascensions across all heroes and should be prioritized in virtually any Lei Luo build.

Magical Supply


Since we're focusing on big burst damage with a sniper rifle, using Fatal Current will be a great idea. Magical Supply keeps this up and running much longer and nearly negates the need for any cooldown reduction on the skill. If the first shot in Fatal Current kills the target, return the consumed ammo and recast Fatal Current with a 30% duration reduction. This can be chained multiple times; however, the reduction in duration will make it end eventually. However, this is very strong and can easily allow you to knock out 3 or 4 enemies quickly in a single cast of Fatal Current. It also synergizes incredibly well with the following ascension, Storm Blast.

Storm Blast


Storm Blast gives your first shot (that hits an enemy) during Fatal Current bonus damage. This damage is +150%, +225%, or +300% at levels 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Notably, this applies to each subsequent cast of Fatal Current due to Magical Supply, so if your aim is true, you can deal this bonus damage on multiple shots in a row. It also makes each shot more likely to trigger Magical Supply, as the increased damage improves your odds of a one-shot, making this combo incredibly powerful.

Voltage Surge


A more humble but still powerful ascension is Voltage Surge. It gives you additional Crit DMG against enemies that have already been dealt a Crit hit. The bonus is +10%, +15%, and +40% total Crit DMG for 3, 4, or 5 seconds at each level of the ascension. This also increases if the weapon's CritX is larger than 4x to +20%, +30%, and +40%. With Lei Luo, you'll probably run the CritX Gemini Inscription in the later stages of a run, so level 3 of this ascension might not be worthwhile. However, levels 1 and 2 provide significant value, especially against bosses.

Shadow Knight


Shadow Knight gives you +30%, +60%, or +100% weapon DMG and skill DMG if there is no enemy within 10 meters. (5 meters at level 3) This is quite powerful and doesn't rely on situational mechanics, except that you keep your distance. (which you should probably do anyways)

Eye of the Storm


Eye of the Storm is a powerful ascension that relies on you hitting the same target multiple times, similar to Voltage Surge. However, with this ascension, each follow-up shot after any shot with a sniper deals +15%, +25%, or +50% damage at each ascension level. This can be stacked four times at levels one and two but only three times at level 3. It's a respectable damage increase that stacks with Voltage Surge well to handle bosses easily.

Occult Scrolls

Since we're trying to build up the highest possible one-shot damage with this build, the best way is to stack weapon damage, CritX, and lucky shot. Here are some of the best occult scrolls to consider when playing with this build.

Preemptive Strike


Preemptive Strike offers 50% bonus weapon damage if the magazine is full. This will apply to the first shot of a magazine with every weapon, but it also works well with bows. It's a great option if you're using a Golden Bow or a Strike Wing as your primary weapon.

Magic Magazine


Weapons with a bigger magazine would instead benefit more from Magic Magazine. This gives you a 33% chance when reloading to fill the magazine from thin air, boosting the damage of that magazine by 30%. It's not the best overall boost, but there's no drawback!

Evil-Devouring Sword


Evil-Devouring Sword offers a 15% weapon DMG and a 20% skill DMG boost per cursed scroll. This can be combined with 3rd Time Unlucky, Evil-Banishing Talisman, or Good and Evil for some great cursed scroll play.

Long Shot


Long Shot increases your weapon damage on targets farther away from you, the bonus from which can reach up to 100%. This works perfectly with a one-shot Lei Luo, synergizing well with his favorite weapons, ascensions, and other scrolls in the build. Pick it! 

3rd Time Unlucky


3rd Time Unlucky gives you 50% weapon DMG in exchange for peculiar chests giving you a cursed scroll every 3rd time you trade with them. This may be detrimental, but picking up the scroll is generally a good idea. If you end up with other scrolls like Evil-Devouring Sword or Evil-Banishing Talisman, you are free to trade with the peculiar chests at your will. However, if you don't get anything like that, you can avoid the peculiar chests and pocket the free damage boost!

Unfettered Will


Unfettered Will gives you a 3% weapon damage boost for every 100 copper you hold. This boost can stack up to 30%. There are no drawbacks. Pick it up!

Deadly Curse


Deadly Curse is a contentious scroll, offering a massive weapon and skill damage bonus of 75% in exchange for cutting your max HP by 75%. Notably, this drawback doesn't take effect if you're holding Paranormality. 

Elemental Magazine


More situational than other scrolls on this list, Elemental Magazine gives you 50% bonus damage when dealing an elemental effect. This works well on some weapons like Piercing Flame and Lightning Ksana but has no notable effect on many of Lei Luo's favorite weapons.

Glazed Sight


Glazed Sight gives you an additional 1.5x CritX. However, this decreases to a bonus of 0.5x after taking damage 50 times from enemies or traps. Importantly, this only applies to flesh damage, so losing the bigger version of this bonus is uncommon. 

Hawkeye Sight


Similarly to Glazed Sight, Hawkeye Sight offers a bonus to CritX. However, its +2.0 CritX comes at the cost of -50% weapon damage on non-Crit hits. However, you also get additional zoom length on your scoped weapons! This isn't a great scroll for most heroes, but Lei Luo loves it!

Penetration Bullet


Penetration Bullet is a very risk-free scroll. It deals 50% of the damage from Crit hits directly to the enemy's flesh. This can, especially when combined with the Bloody Drill, make it so that you can kill enemies before draining their shield or armor.

Casual Gunsmanship


This scroll gives you a 20% lucky shot chance. However, not hitting a lucky shot deals 20% less damage. If you're still confused about lucky shots and Crit hits and how they differ, check out our Lucky Shot vs. Crit Hit guide.

Elemental Torment


Elemental Torment gives you a 20% lucky shot chance against enemies under an elemental effect. Like Elemental Magazine, weapons like the Piercing Flame and Lightning Ksana are very powerful with this scroll.

Berserk Soul


Berserk Soul is a seemingly situational lucky shot chance boost. You gain a 0.5% lucky shot chance for every 1% of your missing flesh HP. Usually, you avoid losing HP at all costs, and this scroll doesn't trigger at all if you're using Paranormality. However, with Airbag, you can camp 1 HP relatively risk-free, giving you a free lucky shot boost of about 50%!



Fast-Loader gives you a +30% lucky shot chance (gradually wears off) when you swap weapons. After 3 seconds without swapping weapons, the bonus wears off completely. This may sound pretty strong, but swapping weapons every few seconds is quite a nuisance to keep the boost active.

Lone Ranger


When you're not within 12 meters of any enemies, you gain stacks of Lone Ranger every 0.5 seconds. Each stack gives you a 1% lucky shot chance, up to 20 stacks. You lose stacks at the same rate within 12 meters of an enemy, but at max stacks, you get a bonus 5% lucky shot chance for a total of 25%. Long Ranger is very strong for Lei Luo, as 12 meters is a reasonable distance you'd try to keep at all times. It tips the scales in your favor, so it's worth grabbing every time you see it!

Bullet Light


Bullet Light consumes an additional ammo per shot but offers a 25% bonus lucky shot chance. You also recover the consumed ammo when triggering a lucky shot!

Good and Evil


Good and Evil gives you bonuses based on whether or not you have any cursed scrolls. If you don't, it gives you +15% lucky shot chance. If you have cursed scrolls, you get +15 max shield or armor for each cursed scroll in your inventory.

Ninja's Discipline


Ninja's Discipline builds stacks of +5% lucky shot chance each second, maxing at +50%. All stacks are consumed when a lucky shot is triggered. This is one of the weaker lucky shot scrolls in the late game, as it may only be an effective 5% or 10% chance if your lucky shot chance is already high. However, this scroll has a good amount of utility early on, especially on slow-shooting weapons like the Bloody Drill and the Goshawk.

Coin Shot


Coin Shot functions similarly to Bullet Light, except the bonus lucky shot chance is a whopping +30%, and the cost is two copper. Like Bullet Light, you recover the consumed copper when successfully landing a lucky shot. Suppose you have both scrolls and reach a cumulative lucky shot chance of 100% or higher. In that case, you'll never lose the additional ammo or copper, which means the drawbacks are completely eliminated.

Speedy Pursuit


Speedy Pursuit is a massive situational boost to lucky shot chance. For 2 seconds after dashing, you gain +50% lucky shot chance! Nifty!

Merciless Strike


Merciless Strike is another situational lucky shot chance boost. However, it relies on Critical hits. You get a +50% lucky shot chance when hitting a Crit, but -50% lucky shot chance when you hit for normal damage.

Reasonable Luck


Reasonable Luck gives you a massive +80% lucky shot chance. However, depending on your build, it may not be worthwhile because your total lucky shot chance will be capped at 150%.

The Best Gemini Inscription for the Build

There are probably other options for Gemini Inscriptions on Lei Luo, but I highly recommend the CritX Gemini. You can use it to achieve a high CritX, sometimes as high as 10+ with the right scrolls. The best weapon to share CritX will be the Strike Wing, but anything with a CritX of 4 or higher is worth using.



Overall, Lei Luo is one of the most fun heroes in Gunfire Reborn, and nothing quite compares to the rush of one-tapping every enemy in the room one after another. Hopefully, you found something valuable in this Gunfire Reborn guide! If you're looking for help picking ascensions, keep this page open to the ascension tier list while you play, or check out one of our other Gunfire Reborn guides!

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