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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | Where to Find the Best Ingredients

Discover the essential ingredient locations for your culinary adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Fast-track your recipe preparation with this comprehensive guide!

ToTK Ingredients Gourmet Meat ToTK Ingredients Gourmet Meat

Sometimes, finding the right ingredients for the recipes you want to make in ToTK can be a slog. Sure, you can set the ingredients one by one into your shrine sensor, but that would take forever!

So, I’ve put this quick guide together to accompany our previous guide of the best meals in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you want to pick up the ingredients for those recipes, fast, then read on!

Big Hearty Truffles

ToTK Ingredients Big Hearty Truffle

In order to get your hands on a steady supply of Big Hearty Truffles, you’re going to need to make your way through caves in the East Necluda and Gerudo Desert areas. They are recognizable thanks to their pale white color and can usually be found on the floor alongside the walls of the cave.

Here are a few places you’re basically guaranteed to find Big Hearty Truffles:

  • Gerudo Canyon Mine (coordinates -2676, -2403, 0079)

  • Highland Stable Well (coordinates 0536, -3430, 0047)

  • Oakle’s Navel Cave (coordinates 2504, -2101, 0009)

  • Upland Zorana Byroad (coordinates 2865, 0332, 0230)

Pro Tip: Use Ultrahand to look around caves when you think you’ve cleared them. This will highlight many interactable objects, including Big Hearty Truffles.

Big Hearty Radish

ToTK Ingredients Big Hearty Radish

Big Hearty Radishes can also be difficult to come by, since they are only found in sky islands of the Thunderhead Isles and the North Necluda Sky Archipelago. If you see a leafy step topped with purple flowers sticking out of the ground on a sky island, that’s probably what you’re looking for.

Here are a few places you can find Big Hearty Radishes:

  • Valor Island (coordinates 4781, -0791, 1938)

  • Necluda Sky Archipelago (coordinates 3060, -2920, 1204)

  • North Necluda Sky Archipelago (coordinates 1840, -1015, 0961)

Pro Tip: If you have at least one Big Hearty Radish in your inventory, you can complete the sidequest Teach Me a Lesson II to grow more of them in Uma’s Garden.

Raw Meat

ToTK Ingredients Raw Meat

You’ll come across Raw Meat pretty frequently in ToTK. It can be gained by hunting boar or deer, which thankfully travel in packs, giving you a good chance to snag a bunch of it at once. You can find these packs in forests all over Central Hyrule, but the place I like to farm is Retsam Forest near Hateno Village.

Now, if you wanted to kick your recipes up a notch with even better ingredients, you can use Gourmet Raw Meat. This upgraded ingredient can be obtained by hunting moose and bears, which can most reliably be found in the Hebra region. Making your way from the Snowfield Stable to the North Tabantha Snowfield and back should net you a few good pieces of meat, and you can sleep at the stable to respawn the animals and farm them.

Spicy Pepper

ToTK Ingredients Spicy Pepper

Spicy Peppers are fairly common, and are always found in bunches of three. They can be found in the snowy region of the Great Sky Island, Hyrule Field, and the Gerudo Desert, but can be found in other places usually growing along the sides of roads and near ruins.


ToTK Ingredients Chillshrooms

Chillshrooms are basically exclusive to the colder areas of Hyrule, so your best bet is to look for them in the Gerudo Highlands and the Hebra region, though they can also be found around Mount Lanayru and the northwestern Sky Archipelagos.

If you want a surefire location to obtain up to 14 Chilshrooms, then head on over to the Statue of the Eighth Heroine. Between there and the Risoka Snowfield, you can fill up your pockets, and don’t forget resting or waiting a day will cause them to respawn so you can farm them.

Hylian Rice

ToTK Ingredients Hylian Rice

When it comes to Hylian Rice, you actually have a few options. You can purchase the ingredient from a number of places, including the Lookout Landing store, the general store at Hateno Village, and any number of traveling merchants.

However, if you prefer to farm your own rice and save your precious rupees, there are a few places you can do that as well. As long as you have a sword you don’t mind adding wear to, you can cut the grass in the marshes surrounding the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower as well as Koto Pond.

If you want to get serious about your rice farming, you can even build one of the Zonai creations featured in a previous ToTK article right here on, The Combine Harvester!

Fresh Milk

ToTK Ingredients Fresh Milk

To get Fresh Milk for your recipes, you’re going to have to head over to Hateno Village.

There, you can buy Fresh Milk at the store for 12 rupees. OR, you can complete the Dantz’s Prize Cows side quest to unlock an option to trade 3 acorns for one unit of Fresh Milk. Acorns are pretty easy to come by if you’re cutting down trees frequently, so this seems like a pretty great deal.


ToTK Ingredients Sundelion

Sundelions can be found in Hyrule Field and Eldin Canyon in small amounts, but they aren’t super common on the surface.

If you want to stockpile a bunch of this precious flower, you should get up to the sky islands and take a look around. They are much more common there, and can be found on most islands without issue.

Hateno Cheese

ToTK Ingredients Hateno Cheese

As its name suggests, Hateno Cheese comes from the village of Hateno. If you’ve already visited the area and completed a few missions there, you might have already come across and completed the A Letter for Koyin quest.

After completing that quest (which can be started on the docks next to the pond at Hateno Pasture), you’ll be able to purchase Hateno Cheese from Koyin for 20 rupees, or by trading one fresh milk. If you’ve amassed a sizable acorn collection, it’s possible to create a trading chain that will get you these important ingredients for free!

Hylian Tomato

ToTK Ingredients Hylian Tomato

If you spot vibrant red and yellow spheres hiding in a sea of leafy greens, you’ve most likely landed yourself some Hylian Tomatoes.

These plants can pop up almost anywhere, but they are most common in the wooded areas of East and West Necluda. If you happen to be in the area of Batrea Lake, you can find up to 23 Hylian Tomatoes just by roaming around the area. Easy money!

Rock Salt

ToTK Ingredients Rock Salt

Rock Salt is a commonly found ingredient throughout the surface of Hyrule. However, unlike previous ingredients that can be found by roads or in the woods, Rock Salt requires you to do some mining.

Every ore deposit you break open in every cave has a high probability of dropping some Rock Salt, and you probably already have plenty of the stuff if you’ve been playing the game for a while. If you’re low and don’t want to spend time spelunking, you can also buy Rock Salt from the store in Goron City.

Tabantha Wheat

ToTK Ingredients Tabantha Wheat

For the Hylian Tomato Pizza as well as the many cakes, breads, and pies you can make in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need some Tabantha Wheat.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to come by. The same process for harvesting Hylian Rice applies to Tabantha Wheat, but you’re going to want to focus your efforts in the Tabantha Frontier region. The Combine Harvester can also be used if you want to speed things up a bit.

If you want to skip the effort and buy your ingredients, you can pick up Tabantha Wheat at the Gerudo Town Cooking Stall, The Slippery Falcon in the Rito Village, and the Cooking Stall in the Great Deku Tree. At each location, the ingredient will set you back 12 rupees.


ToTK Ingredients Razorshrooms

Between the Tabantha Frontier and Hyrule Ridge lies a canyon that hides a rare ingredient known for boosting attack power.

It’s the Tanagar Canyon, and if you want to add Razorshrooms to your inventory, you’re going to want to comb the entire area, north to south. Additionally, you can find up to 10 Razorshrooms in the Minshi Woods by the Woodland Stable.

If you’d rather buy them, you can find them for purchase at the general story in Gerudo Town for 20 rupees each.

Mighty Thistle

ToTK Ingredients Mighty Thistle

The final ingredient on our list is the Mighty Thistle, which is native to the East Necluda and Faron Grasslands regions.

To focus your search, you should explore these areas:

  • Koto and Hanu Pond (coordinates 2577, -2605, 0153)

  • Kamah Plateau (coordinates 1577, -2978, 0258)

  • Piper Ridge (coordinates -3547, 0756, 0187)

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