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Chainsaw Man: Why Did the Ghost Devil Give Aki a Cigarette?

Uncover the mystery as the Ghost Devil offers Aki a cigarette in Chainsaw Man. Himeno's influence, symbolic connection, and overcoming fear lead to triumph. Discover the meaning of "Easy revenge!" in this captivating supernatural tale.



June 03, 2023

Chainsaw Man Ghost Devil Giving Aki a Cigarette Chainsaw Man Ghost Devil Giving Aki a Cigarette

Why Did the Ghost Devil Give Aki a Cigarette?

In the dark and captivating world of Chainsaw Man, a perplexing event occurs when the Ghost Devil presents Aki with a cigarette bearing the words "Easy revenge!" This intriguing gesture holds significant meaning within the story, unraveling a series of interconnected events and motivations. Let's delve into the depths of this mystery to understand the reasons behind the Ghost Devil's unexpected act.

Himeno's Unique Influence: Control Over the Ghost Devil

Chainsaw Man Ghost Devil Face

The key to comprehending the Ghost Devil's actions lies in Himeno, Aki's partner, who managed to wield control over this enigmatic entity. Through a Devil contract, Himeno exchanged her right eye for the ability to manipulate the Ghost Devil's right arm. This contractual agreement allowed her to command the Ghost Devil's power, resulting in a powerful synergy between her and the otherworldly creature.

The Cigarette: A Symbolic Connection

Chainsaw Man: Himeno and Aki with the Easy revenge! cigarette

When the Ghost Devil extends its arm and offers Aki a cigarette, it becomes evident that this seemingly ordinary object holds deep significance. Remarkably, this very cigarette was initially held by Himeno, who intended to offer it to Aki when they first started working together. However, due to Aki's underage status, Himeno retrieved it but kept it in her possession.

Himeno's Sacrifice: A Pact with the Ghost Devil

In an earlier episode, to unleash the full potential of the Ghost Devil to fight Akane Sawatari and Katana Man (also known as Samurai Sword), Himeno made a selfless sacrifice, she relinquished her entire body through the Devil contract. In exchange, the Ghost Devil fought on her behalf with unparalleled strength and prowess (and still got defeated easily). The fact that she relinquished everything to the Ghost Devil must have created some kind of stronger connection where she was able to interact through the Ghost Devil, in the same way that the Ghost Devil interacted through Himeno while she was still alive.

Dispelling Fear: A Catalyst for Triumph 

Chainsaw Man Aki Decapitating Ghost Devil

The Ghost Devil does not see normally, it can sense fear but not movement, as its eyes are sewn shut. Aki, initially plagued by fear while facing the formidable monster, experiences a transformative moment when the Ghost Devil presents him with the cigarette. This simple act reminds him of the fond memory he shared with Himeno, and his fear subsides. Consequently, the Ghost Devil loses its ability to track Aki's movements, paving the way for his triumph over the Ghost Devil by decapitating it.

Decoding "Easy revenge!": Overcoming Fear

Chainsaw Man Easy revenge!

The words inscribed on the cigarette, "Easy revenge!" hold a significant message for Aki. They serve as a reminder for him to take it easy and not succumb to fear, enabling him to defeat the Ghost Devil. Himeno, somehow while deceased, orchestrated this symbolic gesture to empower him and guide him towards victory. As the episode nears its conclusion, Aki is seen smoking that same cigarette, likely reminiscing about Himeno.

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