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Hogwarts Legacy: Broom Upgrade Guide - Getting the Fastest Broom

Upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy and soar through Scotland! Complete quests and beat timed flying courses to unlock three upgrades, increasing speed and acceleration. Purchase the upgrades from Albie Weekes for Galleons. Fly high, beat records, and enjoy the fastest broom at Hogwarts!



May 24, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Sunset on Broom Hogwarts Legacy Sunset on Broom
By: Alexis Askew

Although Hogwarts Legacy lacks the famous wizarding sport, Quidditch, players can still hop on a broom and explore the vast land of Scotland surrounding Hogwarts. There are also a few mini games dotting the land that you can interact with. The brooms are also handy when you need to get to a high place and sometimes the mounts are too big and hard to steer.

That being said, most players are going to want the best broom they can get to travel to and from their destinations fast and hassle free. There are three upgrades that can be unlocked in the game. So today, we will be going over the steps needed to get the fastest broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

Getting Your First Broom: Quests From Albie Weekes

Hogwarts Legacy Player and Albie Weekes

Unfortunately, you can’t immediately mount your broomstick and take off at the drop of a hat. Hogwarts Legacy has a story and a structure you must follow in order to get what you want. You must attend your first flying class before you have access to a broom, and that requires playing through the game some. The first flying class happens after you find the Map Chamber and before Percival Rackham’s Trial.

After completion, you can head on over to Sprintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade and purchase your first broom for 600 Galleons from the shop owner, Albie Weekes. He will also offer you a side quest to help him out with improving his brooms and you can then begin the Flight Test quest.

For all three upgrades, you will report back to Albie after completing them in order to receive the upgrade and give him your feedback.

Imelda Reyes’s Broom Challenges

Hogwarts Legacy Player and Imelda

For all three quests to receive the upgrades, you will encounter Imelda Reyes, a Slytherin girl who is very passionate about Quidditch. She isn’t happy about the Quidditch ban, and is very hard on you and others, but she’ll come to respect you if you prove yourself.

For each quest, you will travel to the location of a flying course where Imelda has set a timed record that you have to beat. Learning how to control your broomstick at first can be a bit tricky, but as you play and upgrade it, the easier the courses, and flying in general, will become.

The First Upgrade: Broom Upgrade I

Hogwarts Legacy Player Character Dialogue Options

Flight Test is the first quest you need to complete in order to get the first broom upgrade. This will take you over to the Quidditch field, where you will meet Imelda Reyes for the first time. She has set a record for the flying course there, coming in at two minutes and twenty seconds. You must beat her time in order to proceed.

The best way to do this is to make sure you don’t miss any of the rings, as doing so will penalize you and add three seconds to your time. There are twenty two rings to pass through, and the yellow orbs will give you a boost to help keep you going.

Once you’ve finished that, head back to Albie Weekes and give him your feedback. You can then purchase the upgrade for 1,000 Galleons. This upgrade will increase the broom’s speed and acceleration.

The Second Upgrade: Broom Upgrade II

Hogwarts Legacy Buying Upgrade 2

Sweeping the Competition is the second quest you will have to compete on your mission to upgrade your room as fast as possible. You will find Imelda and her second trail in the Fieldcroft Region. The fastest way to get there is to fast travel to the closest Floo Powder Flame you’ve unlocked and then travel by broom the rest of the way.

Once again, you’ll have to do your best to beat her time. Her record for this trail is two minutes and twenty-six seconds. There are twenty rings to pass through in order to succeed and, just like the first trail, a three second penalty if you miss a ring.

Upon completion, you can fast travel back over to Ablie Weekes. You can purchase the second broom upgrade for 4,000 Galleons. This upgrade will increase the broom's speed and acceleration for a second time.

The Final and Fastest Broom Upgrade: Broom Upgrade III

Hogwarts Legacy Broom Time Trial

With a pretty fast broom and some practice in, you should be able to complete the next trial easily. The third quest, The Sky is the Limit, will take you to the farthest southern edge of the map. If you’ve already explored the region, then all you need to do is fast travel the the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame or the closest one you’ve unlocked.

If not, it's gonna be a bit more difficult for you since you can’t fly straight there. There is a mountain with a barrier in the way, and you can’t fly over it, nor can you land and hike it. Your only option is to go through the mountain, and the entrance is guarded by trolls and the interior infested with violent Goblins.

Instead of fighting them all, it is possible to just run straight through them while dodging every enemy without engaging. Once you reach the other end, there is a dropoff where you can hop on your broom and take off.

When you reach Imelda, you can start the third and final trial. Finally, she’ll start appreciating your dedication and open up to you a little. You must beat her record, which sits at two minutes and forty-two seconds. This is the longest course, and you have twenty-nine rings to pass through with the same penalty if you miss any.

Once you’re done, return to Albie and you buy the third upgrade for 7,500 Galleons. This will increase the broom’s speed and acceleration even more, making your broom the fastest it can be.

Now that you have the best broom at Hogwarts, you can pick from a variety of styles to match your character’s appearance and taste. You will also unlock an achievement or trophy called Flight the Good Flight, a clever little play on “Fight the Good Fight”, which is fitting considering all the work you went through to upgrade your broom.

Finally, you can travel to and from missions or explore the world quickly and smoothly.

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