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Death Parade Season 2? When Will It Be Released?



August 30, 2022

Death Parade Death Parade
By: Prince Lammy

Death Parade Season Two?

It’s been about seven years since Death Parade Season One ended, and millions of viewers and fans of the entire franchise have been asking questions about the production and availability of a season two.

But then, seeing as there’s been no update about it, most people have just surmised that there wouldn’t be another season to the series. One can’t help but feel there might be some hope to revive the whole Death Parade gig. But is there any real hope to see a Death Parade Season Two?

Shrugging aside all other aired opinions about the first season and the possibility of having a season two, you would need a clear mind as you go down this blog, in a bid better to grasp the current situation with regard to Death Parade Season Two.

Before I go directly into answering the question of Would Death Parade have a Season Two? or, Is there Death Parade Season Two? let’s take a walk down a brief analysis of the first season, what it was about, how it ended, and also all possibilities surrounding a season two.

What Started Death Parade Season One?

In an honest opinion, Death Parade season one could very well be called an accidental or experimental production, which arose from the need to continue the OVA, Death Billiards that Yuzuru Tachikawa directed, and the famous studio, MadHouse produced. The OVA was initially announced in 2013, while the actual Death Parade series was produced and aired in January and March 2015.

Plot Summary of Death Parade Season One

Death Parade is one of the few anime out there that talks about death, not just about that but also about the afterlife. And it discusses that as a choice open to all, concerning how they’ve lived their lives, the level of darkness in their souls, and how they play whatever games they’re required to get a chance at rebirth.

Without talking about any of the subjects, one wouldn’t notice at first that the show’s main character is Decim, as one’s focus would be directed at the people who come to Quindecim after their death. Only after a few episodes would one understand that Decim is the show’s protagonist. But that’s just one of the few lovely things about the series.

Potential Plot for Season Two

Considering that there isn’t any official statement about the release of season two of Death Parade, and also remembering how season one ended, one might be able to picture a plausible plot for season two, if ever there would be one.

Guesses and imaginations for season two would be pitched towards more backstory into Decim’s past life and a purview into Chiyuki’s new life, as she’d been to be rebirthed after all of the events she experienced in Quindecim.

And also, Decim’s judgments would be more emphatic and have a more subtle approach than they’d always had before he met with Chiyuki. It needs no gainsaying that she had quite the effect on him.

Death Parade Afterlife Elevator

Which Characters Would Return in Season Two?

If the series would have a season two, it is believed that the following characters would be brought back:

  1. Decim
  2. Nona
  3. Chiyuki
  4. Clavis
  5. Ginti
  6. Castra
  7. Quin
  8. Oculus

When Would Death Parade Season 2 Be Released?

Although there is no news of if or when a Season 2 of Death Parade will be made available, we can safely speculate at this point that there will be no second second. Season 2 of the anime would have been challenging to plot out because there isn’t much material left over from the previous season to build on.

What Platforms Can You Watch The Death Parade Series?

The show is available on many anime streaming platforms, and it’s now even available on Netflix, though it’s restricted to some countries (including the USA). Other platforms where you can watch Death Parade include Hulu and Funimation.

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