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Parasyte: The Maxim Character Analysis: Kana Kimishima



January 26, 2023

Parasyte The Maxim Kana Kimishima Cute Parasyte The Maxim Kana Kimishima Cute
By: Prince Lammy

Kana Kimishima, a minor character from the anime Parasyte: The Maxim, is a high school student who was once a member of a gang, but left the gang after she came across Shinichi Izumi. Kana has mildly strong telepathic abilities, which granted her the ability to detect parasites in her vicinity, the first of which was Izumi. Since Izumi was the first she encountered, she mistook him for being her soulmate, seeing as her powers kept drawing her closer to him whenever he was nearby.
Kana was really in love with Izumi, and often had nightmares in which Izumi always came through as her knight in shining armor. She once mistook another parasite for Izumi, and died in his arms, an event which left an unending strain in Izumi.


  • Name: Kana Kimishima
  • Age: 17
  • Status: Deceased
  • Species: Human
  • Anime Debut: Episode 5

Parasyte The Maxim Kana Kimishima


Not much is known about Kana, as well as some other characters in the anime. But seeing as she seems to be long time friend of Mitsuo, one can say they’ve become friends for a while before they came to know Izumi when he attempted to rescue Kazuki Nagai from getting beat up by Mitsuo.


Kana is a pretty teenager with beautiful brown eyes, long black hair which ends just below her shoulder, with a beautiful nearly-pale face. She frequently wears pink earmuffs when she goes out in public. She also sometimes wears a brown overcoat with black tights.
Sometimes, her bangs are highly untidy, and she sports a long skirt with her clothing. She appears to be donning a leather jacket on the covers of some volumes of the manga.

Parasyte The Maxim Kana Kimishima Scared


Kana was an amicable and easygoing girl who only sought fun by bullying sometimes. Because of her easygoing personality, she had no concerns about her gang bullying others, except when it came to Shinichi.

She was moderately obsessed with Shinichi and what she thought was a psychic bond between them. She was frequently humiliated by her fantasies of him, and she was exceedingly obstinate after having a crush on him. She even tried her hardest to keep him and Murano away. Despite his cautions, Kana stalked him, believing her power was a gift which helped her locate her soul mate. She even stated that she could apparently detect him out of everyone.
She is also a confident individual who is not afraid to stand up for what's right in. Throughout the series, she proves to be an invaluable aid to Shinichi as he strives to survive the treacherous realm of the Parasites. Kana's character development was also a very crucial point, as she starts off shy and matures into a stronger woman who isn't hesitant to stand out for herself and others.

Parasyte The Maxim Kana Kimishima In Bed


Kana is the kind of person who doesn’t waiver, not even in the face of danger. She is shown in the anime that she would do anything to be with Shinichi, as opposed to Murano. If I were to pit in on the romance aspect of Shinichi’s life, I’d say Kana deserves to be with Shinichi way more than Murano does, but seeing as he has known Murano all of his life, and has developed a crush on her long before Migi came into his life, I’d let that be.
Sadly enough, her presence didn’t do much to alter or affect the course of the anime, or even Shinichi himself, except just create some bits of jealousy in his lover, Murano. It was only when she breathed her last in his arms, that she truly made an impact in Shinichi’s life.
But after living life as a bad girl, she pretty much did atone for that as she died helping Shinichi and Migi fight for the survival of humanity.

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