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Exoprimal | All Exosuits | In Depth List

Get a comprehensive overview of the ten exosuits in the action-packed game Exoprimal. Choose your favorite and unleash destruction on interdimensional dinosaurs!


Raimonds Lauzums

July 18, 2023

Exoprimal All Exosuits Exoprimal All Exosuits
By: Mike Alexander

Exoprimal finally landed recently, and I’ve been doing my part to make dinosaurs extinct again in the most fun way possible: by bashing, shooting, and exploding them into dust.

While dino demolition is one of the highlights of Exoprimal, another one would definitely be the awesome exosuits the game contains. There are ten of them right now, though more could come later on as seasons progress and new content is added.

What I have for you today is an overview of each of the ten exosuits currently in Exoprimal. Use this information to pick your favorite one and start planning how you’re going to exterminate all of those interdimensional dinosaurs!

If you’ve played a competitive shooter in the past 10 years, you know what to expect. Each exosuit comes with a weapon, a set of skills that have cooldown timers, and a “super move” called an Overdrive that charges up as you play. Additionally, the suits are broken down into three categories: Assault, Tank, and Support.

Let’s dig in!


Assault-class exosuits are all about damage, maneuverability, and accessibility.

Deadeye Exosuit

Exoprimal Deadeye Exosuit

The Deadeye exosuit is your basic all-rounder. Think Soldier 76 from Overwatch, or Bangalore from Apex Legends. Easy to use, good damage output, and a solid set of abilities. If you want to hit the ground running without thinking too hard, Deadeye is the exosuit you want.

Here is Deadeye’s loadout:

Main Weapon


Basic assault rifle with rapid-fire

Basic Skill


Ability to aim down sights for better accuracy

Active Skill

Dive Dodge

Evasive maneuver

Active Skill

Thrust Attack

A swift melee strike that can be used to stun enemies or knock them back; can be charged for more damage

Active Skill

Rifle Grenade

Fires an explosive that detonates on impact


Cluster Salvo

Suit opens to reveal many weapons that open fire in a single explosive barrage

Zephyr Exosuit

Exoprimal Zephyr Exosuit

Zephyr ditches guns in favor of a melee-focused approach. Thanks to light armor it’s also very fast, but can’t take much damage before being incapacitated. If you want to play Exoprimal like it’s Devil May Cry, the Zephyr is the suit for you. It’s even blue with a long coat like Vergil!

Here is Zephyr’s loadout:

Main Weapon

Tonfa Blitz

Melee weapons attached to each forearm; allow for lightning-fast attacks

Basic Skill

Double Jump

Allows for a second jump in the air to reach greater heights

Active Skill

Linear Strike

A dash attack that sends enemies flying when hit

Active Skill

Turbine Step

A swift dash that acts as an evasive maneuver

Active Skill

Sky Kick

An upward strike that stuns enemies and sends them skyward, opening them up to aerial combos


Limiter Override

Once activated, this move reduces cooldown timers, instantly heals, and allows for even faster attacks

Barrage Exosuit

Exoprimal Barrage Exosuit

Barrage uses explosives as its tools of destruction. It only has average speed and medium armor, but if you learn how to wield the power of its explosives properly, you won’t need either of those things. If you like to make things go boom, Barrage can light your fire.

Here is Barrage’s loadout:

Main Weapon


A crossbow that fires grenades; only holds six rounds at a time

Basic Skill



Active Skill

Stun Grenade

Throws a bomb that stuns enemies in a narrow area

Active Skill

Triple Threat

Fires three landmines that can be detonated at will; standing on a mine when it is detonated will launch you into the air

Active Skill

Flip Dodge

Uses a small explosion to avoid taking damage


Burning Heart

The pilot exits the suit which then becomes a powerful explosive that can be steered and detonated at will

Vigilant Exosuit

Exoprimal Vigilant Exosuit

Finally, the last exosuit in the Assault category is Vigilant. This one is all about long-range attacks and acts as a sniper class. You have to be very precise to be successful with Vigilant. But if you’re a primo sniper in other competitive shooters, this might be the one for you.

Here is Vigilant’s loadout:

Main Weapon

Subsonic Burst

Triple-shot sniper rifle

Basic Skill

Railgun Charge

Aim using the sniper scope and charge powerful projectiles

Active Skill


Leap to massive heights; also acts as a dodge if activated while already in the air

Active Skill

Frost Lock

An attack that freezes foes

Active Skill

Stinger Shot

A charged railgun shot that can pierce through multiple enemies


Barrel Breaker

Builds up massive amounts of energy to allow for multiple Railgun Charge shots without charging up


The Tank category has fewer options with just three exosuits. These ones are all about taking and dealing heavy damage, but will also benefit more from tactical use rather than brainless action.

Roadblock Exosuit

Exoprimal Roadblock Exosuit

Roadblock is the “Big Chungus” of Exoprimal. It doesn’t do a ton of damage on its own, and that’s because it’s a more defense-focused unit with a massive shield and abilities that draw aggro from the rest of the team. If you’d rather protect than do the dirty work yourself, Roadblock is going to be your best bet.

Here is Roadblock’s loadout:

Main Weapon


Uses its big metal fists to punch enemies

Basic Skill

Ballistic Wall

The cornerstone of Roadblock’s abilities; a huge energy shield that can absorb a ton of damage

Active Skill

Shield Blast

While holding the energy shield up, a sharp thrust forward knocks enemies back; the more enemies pushing on the wall, the stronger this move becomes

Active Skill

Skid Dodge

Speed boost in any direction to avoid taking damage

Active Skill


Pull aggro to make enemies focus on you


Storm Drive

Roadblock spins around to form a tornado that sucks up enemies; can send the tornado out to launch enemies that were sucked up

Kreiger Exosuit

Exoprimal Krieger Exosuit

The next tank is Krieger, the minigun-toting menace. This exosuit’s primary role is laying down consistent fire that can make quick work of raptor rain, but it can also help its team by dropping a shield. If you want to relive the Team Fortress 2 glory days by pretending you’re the Heavy, Krieger is the only way to go.

Here is Kreiger’s loadout:

Main Weapon

K-40 Repulsor Minigun

Fires a constant stream of unlimited bullets, but is susceptible to overheating

Basic Skill


Ability to float off the ground or jump higher into the air by holding the jump button

Active Skill

Stunlock Missiles

Fires a tracking missile than can lock on and stun targets

Active Skill

Thruster Dodge

Boost in any direction to avoid damage

Active Skill

Dome Shield

Produces a dome of energy that absorbs damage for a period of time; Can also keep smaller enemies at bay or stun larger ones while in effect



Targets a wide area and summons orbital bombs that drop and do damage for a period of time

Murasame Exosuit

Exoprimal Murasame Exosuit

Murasame is unfortunately not available from the beginning of the game unless you purchase the Head Start Pack, but it is one of the coolest exosuits in the game. This Samurai-inspired, katana-wielding powerhouse is the most mobile of the tanks. It even has a grappling hook it can use to reach high places. If you want to play everything like Ghost of Tsushima, then Murasame can help you live out your Samurai dreams.

Here is Murasame’s loadout:

Main Weapon


A long, katana-like blade used for slashing and powerful counter moves

Basic Skill

Rasetsu Stance

Murasama sheaths its blade in a classic stance, absorbing damage before unleashing a powerful attack

Active Skill

Crescent Moon

A quick attack that slashes forward for big damage while aggroing enemies that are hit

Active Skill

Strafe Hook

Grappling hook; used to latch on and pull yourself towards an object or enemy, can be chained into a double jump or a spinning downward attack

Active Skill

Vajara Counter

Puts up an energy shield that absorbs attacks from all sides; that energy can be converted into a powerful attack


Meikyo Shisui

An ultra-powerful, charged slash attack that slices enemies in front of you for a good distance


The final category is Support. These units tend to deal in health recovery and buffing other characters, but don’t output as much damage as other exosuits. But, if used properly, any of these units could make you the star of a match.

Witchdoctor Exosuit

Exoprimal Witchdoctor Exosuit

Witchdoctor is the basic support exosuit. It can both heal and buff allies while stunning enemies to prevent them from attacking. If you’re more comfortable behind enemy lines keeping your teammates going, then you should roll out with Witchdoctor.

Here is Witchdoctor’s loadout:

Main Weapon

Neuro Rod

A staff that expels paralyzing electricity that also does light damage

Basic Skill


Holding the jump button allows you to safely float down to the ground

Active Skill


Sends out a claw that can heal allies as well as boost their movement speed; can also steal health and slow down if used on enemies

Active Skill

Rescue Leap

A fast jump forward

Active Skill

Repair Field

Drops a circular field that will heal all allies within it


Vital Aura

An explosion that fully heals all allies while boosting defense and slowing down enemies

Skywave Exosuit

Exoprimal Skywave Exosuit

Skywave is a flight unit that specializes in debuffing enemies. It’s capable of more damage than Witchdoctor, but is still better suited to helping allies than dishing out the damage itself. If you prefer the safety of the skies, Skywave is your only option.

Here is Skywave’s loadout:

Main Weapon

Aether Lance

Shoots projectiles that can heal allies and damage enemies

Basic Skill

Air Supremacy

Pressing the jump button in the air will slow your descent to safe levels; can press the jump button again to deactivate

Active Skill

Optics Jammer

Fires a radio wave that blinds enemies and heals allies

Active Skill


Launches you straight up into the air and activates Air Supremacy

Active Skill

Graviton Cage

Drops a gravity well that pulls enemies towards it



Stops all enemies in their tracks within a set area

Nimbus Exosuit

Exoprimal Nimbus Exosuit

If you know the Transformer Arcee, you already have a pretty good idea of what kind of exosuit Nimbus is. It’s pink, moves by skating on the wheels in its feet, and dual-wields handguns that look super cool. Nimbus is the most versatile of the Support exosuits, but it’s also one that has to be unlocked through play or an extra purchase.

Here is Nimbus’s loadout:

Main Weapon

Mars & Apollo

Dual handguns that can switch between damaging and healing modes

Basic Skill



Active Skill

Mode Switch

Changes gun modes between Bend and Mend; also reloads

Active Skill

Holo Warp

Sends out a hologram that you can then teleport to

Active Skill


A barrage of bullets; heals allies or damages enemies depending on the mode you have your guns set to


Antipode Burst

Sends out a shockwave that heals teammates and repels enemies

Exoprimal Nimbus Shooting

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