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Hogwarts Legacy | All the Different Endings

Discover the multiple endings of Hogwarts Legacy based on your decisions. Choose wisely: good, evil, or true ending? Shape the legacy of Hogwarts in this immersive RPG adventure.


Raimonds Lauzums

June 27, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Great Hall Hogwarts Legacy The Great Hall
By: Alexis Askew

Hogwarts Legacy, like most role-playing games, offers multiple endings based on the player’s decisions at the end of the game. The creators at Avalanche Software promised that the players would define the legacy of Hogwarts, and that is exactly what you get to do... for better or for worse. There are two different endings, plus one universal ending that varies to some degree depending on a major choice you made earlier on. That being said, if you don’t mind some major spoilers, then here is how you can get those endings.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

The Good Ending

Hogwarts Legacy Good Ending

Your actions, both good and bad, won’t influence the game until you are on the final mission and have to make a vital decision regarding the repository. Professor Fig will ask you during the Final Repository quest about what you plan on doing with it. After learning everything from the keepers and Isadora, you can choose to keep the repository contained or open it. Choosing to keep it contained will lead to the good ending and a second set of dialogue options that won’t affect the story. You can choose to keep the repository a secret for now or forever. This choice is simply up to the player and how “good” they want their character to be.

You end up fighting Ranrock and after the battle is over, you do everything in your power to seal the repository. Professor Fig, making a final stand, will help you until his very last breath.

The Evil Ending

Hogwarts Legacy Evil Ending

In order to get the evil evil ending, when Professor Fig asks you what you plan on doing with the repository, choose to open it. A second set of dialogue options will appear with three choices. You can choose to agree with Professor Fig and retract your option to be a bad guy, or you can choose the other two options, and keep the bad ending. These options have no effect, they only define how bad your character really is. You can tell Fig you want the power for yourself or to help the world.

After you fight Ranrock, you will use Miriam’s wand to absorb the power of the repository, rewarding you with a scene of your character looking pretty evil. Unfortunately, if you choose this ending, Fig will not be there to help you and you won’t get a chance to see him one final time before his death.

The True Ending

Hogwarts Legacy True Ending

After you get the good or evil ending, there will be a final cinematic cutscene where the Headmaster and Professor Weasley honor Professor Fig after his death. Every word will be the same and no one will acknowledge your good or evil deeds.

However, the character you talk to after this scene is determined by a choice you made in Sebastian Sallow’s relationship questline. If you didn’t turn him in, the two of you will have a chat about some things you learned pertaining to his story. If you turned him in, you’ll talk to Ominis instead and basically tell him the same thing and learn Sebastian’s fate.

The Aftermath

Hogwarts Legacy Speaking with Professor Weasley

After the final cutscene, you will get two more story quests that are the same no matter your choices. They are Weasley’s Watchful Eye and The House Cup. In Weasley’s Watchful Eye, the two of you will discuss your year, field guide pages, and O.W.L. exam. You must be a Level 34 to get The House Cup quest and, once you do, your house will win the cup and the school year will feel as if it has officially concluded. You can still explore the world, Hogwarts, and complete any side quest of challenges you didn’t get done before.


And there you have it! The different endings for Hogwarts Legacy. While things continue on roughly the same no matter your choice, you never know if being good or evil might affect any DLCs or future games to come. After all, this game only covers one school year and you technically still have two more to go.

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