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Hogwarts Legacy | Character Creator

Learn about the character creation in Hogwarts Legacy! Uncover a range of options including presets, hairstyles, scars, and more to shape your unique wizarding identity!


Raimonds Lauzums

July 19, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Character Created Hogwarts Legacy Character Created
By: Alexis Askew

From the moment fans realized that Harry Potter and video games were a match made in Heaven, they’ve been wanting a game that offers exactly what Hogwarts Legacy does. The very first thing players get to do is create their own personalized character to play as for the entirety of the game. While not as extensive as other RPG games, like Cyberpunk 2077 or Skyrim, players can still mix and match different assets to create unique characters. If you’re wanting to get a general idea of everything the character creator has to offer before getting started, then we’ve got you covered.


Hogwarts Legacy Presets

As with most RPG games, Hogwarts Legacy starts off with a collection of preset characters to help get you started. They offer a very wide range of characters with different appearances so that everyone can have a good starting point. Despite the character creator’s limitations, the presets alone show the variety of characters you have the power to create, if you even wish to change your preset at all. Once you’ve selected your favorite preset, you can then move onto the next tab.


Hogwarts Legacy Facewear

While titled Facewear, the only thing you can really wear are a pair of glasses, which you have the ability to change during your playthrough. This tab also lets you change your face shape and skin color. This is where Hogwarts Legacy’s character creator’s biggest limitation makes an appearance. You have fifteen different faces you can choose from, but unfortunately, you cannot change specific parts of the face, like your eyes, nose, or mouth. It comes as one big packaged deal, as opposed to most other RPG games out there that allow you to customize these smaller features.


Hogwarts Legacy Hairstyles

Next, you have the option to change your hairstyle and hair color. This tab allows you to choose both feminine and masculine hairstyles for your character, ranging from updos, to buzz cuts, to long flowing hair. While some of the hairstyles may look odd in modern times, most of them stick with the style from the time period the game is set in, the late 1800s. If these Gilded Age hairstyles aren’t your type, then there are a few modern day styles to also choose from.

Despite many of these hairstyles conforming to the time period, you can choose whatever hair color you want, from black to pink. Do you want a blue updo coupled with sharp bangs? You can do it. This tab lets you bring out the most in your character’s personality.


Hogwarts Legacy Complexion

The Complexion tab is where you can give your character a few brutal scars or a sunburn in order to add to their mysterious backstory. Here, you can change the basic tabs, like your complexion, and the intensity of your freckles or placement of moles. The Scars and Markings section is the real gem here. Pretty much all RPG games have this, but some of these scars are unique to the wizarding world. Of course, you have your typical eyebrow scar and claw marks, but there are some really cool swirling scars that look like they’re from vicious spells.


Hogwarts Legacy Eyebrows

Under the eyebrows tab, you can change your eyebrows, their color, and your eye color. You have a large range of eyebrows to choose from, from narrow and straight to large and bushy. This tab is one of the most helpful tabs when it comes to making your face look unique compared to the presets. The eyebrows really define your appearance, since they can make your character look sad and innocent or angry and determined.

As for your eye color, you can pick from a wide variety, just like your hair color. The game offers natural eye colors and unnatural ones too, like purple and gold.

Finalize Your Character

Hogwarts Legacy Finalise Your Character

Once you’ve created your character, you’ll find yourself on this final tab: Finalize Your Character. Under this tab, you can first select if you want a male voice (Voice One) or female voice (Voice Two). Next, you can adjust the pitch of your character’s voice to sound younger or slightly older.

The difficulty settings really have nothing to do with your appearance, but it significantly affects your gameplay. You can name your character whatever you want and then pick from the two dormitories, witch or wizard, before starting your journey.

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