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Attack on Titan | The Ackerman Clan Explained

Discover the secrets of the powerful Ackerman clan in Attack on Titan! Learn about their history and the reason for their power! Learn more here!


Raimonds Lauzums

July 19, 2023

Attack On Titan Ackermans Attack On Titan Ackermans
By: Simon Shoklevski

The Ackermans are one of the most famous and impactful families in Attack on Titan. They are very skilled fighters who show inhuman strength on the battlefield. This strength has been one of the main mysteries that the fans were waiting to be uncovered. Everyone knows that Levi and Mikasa being related and much stronger than other soldiers is not a coincidence at all.

So, let’s answer some questions that will help you understand the Ackermans’ history and the workings of the special powers they possess.

What is the History of The Ackermans in Attack of Titan?

Attack On Titan Ackermans Eren Talks About Ackermans

The Ackermans are a clan of people who lived on the outskirts of Eldia since the creation of the walls. They were people who, after an experiment, got mysteriously powerful and were since serving the king. However, after Eldia’s defeat in the Great Titan War things changed for much worse.

When the king moved with his people within the walls, he used the power of the Founding Titan to erase the memories of everyone and create a peaceful, brainwashed society. While it worked on most people, the Ackermans seemed to be immune to this power and opposed the king’s ideals.

Seeing that the Ackermans were becoming dangerous for his kingdom and a threat to the way of ruling the country, King Fritz started to oppress this clan, wiping almost every member of it. By sacrificing his life, the leader of this clan took the responsibility of saving his people and putting an end to this madness. This wasn’t enough though, as the people left were forbidden to talk about Eldia’s history and everything related to the king ever again.

Attack On Titan Ackermans Kenny Talks With Grandfather

This peace lasted very briefly as the future rulers of Eldia still believed that eliminating the whole clan from the face of the world was the only true solution to having order. Afraid of this oppression, the Ackermans sought safety in the mountains and in the Underground City where Levi was born.

What is the Secret of the Ackerman’s Power in Attack of Titan?

Attack On Titan Ackermans Mikasa Awakening Power

Levi is the strongest soldier in Attack on Titan, a tiny person who effortlessly sweeps through the gigantic Titans. If you are like me, you’ve probably wondered how is he separating from the others in terms of strength. Hard training cannot be the actual answer, right? Later in the series, this mystery is uncovered and we finally get an answer on how are the Ackermans that strong.

The Ackermans possess “Awakened Power” that allows them to exhibit inhuman strength in times of need. Levi explains the feeling of this power as knowing what needs to be done when fighting a certain enemy. However, getting this power comes with a price.

If you recall, before the bandits attacked Mikasa’s house she was an ordinary, shy girl who wouldn’t hurt anyone. However, she was put in a life-threatening situation and had no other choice but to kill a man to save her and her friend’s life. This situation, along with Eren telling her to fight, caused her powers to awaken.

It’s said that for the powers to awaken or activate, every Ackerman has someone who they want to protect, also known as a host. Mikasa had Eren, Levi had Erwin, and Kenny had the king.

Attack On Titan Ackermans Eren Talks With Mikasa

However, whether Eren acted as someone whom Mikasa is bound to protect, is unclear. This information is considered false by Zeke and Armin, who claimed that Eren used Mikasa’s feelings for him to manipulate her with false statements. So, while the theory of protecting a host may seem true and logical, we cannot take it as a fact.

Who are the Strongest Ackermans in Attack of Titan?

Attack On Titan Ackermans KENNYYY

In the Attack of Titan’s story, Ackerman’s history is not a main focus, and its history is not explained in vast detail. We don’t get any specific information about former members of the clan, but the ones introduced in the show are total badasses and warriors worth talking about.

It all starts with Kenny, the man who ended the feud between the king and the Ackermans. He saved the day by failing to assassinate the king. Instead of succeeding in that goal, he started to work for the king and reached a verbal agreement for peace. As Levi’s uncle, he then took care of the boy and was the first to teach him how to fight. Kenny was also a ruthless assassin who showed no mercy to his enemies and became an urban legend because of it.

Attack On Titan Ackermans Levi Training With Kenny

After Kenny, there is Levi. Before joining the Scouts, Levi wasn’t much of a fighter and lived quietly in the Underground City until Erwin noticed his strengths. There is not much to be said about him as we all know who he is and what he is capable of doing with his swords and ODM gear. He is one of the main characters in the show and probably the person with the most iconic scene in Attack on Titan, slicing up Zeke’s huge Beast Titan like it’s nothing.

And lastly, the strongest female warrior in Attack on Titan. Mikasa shows great strengths, leadership skills, and firm character. She is a girl who bows before no one and is ready to give her all for the things she loves and believes in. Just like the other Ackermans, she is fighting on a whole another level and is showing that her Awakened Powers aren’t something to be messed with.

Final Thoughts on The Ackerman Clan

Attack On Titan Ackermans Mikasa Fight

With their Awakened Powers and immunity to the Founding Titan’s mind-controlling ability, the Ackermans are a different breed of people. They are strong and reliable warriors, fighters who will make a difference on the battlefield and help humanity in defeating the Titans.

They were oppressed throughout the years but showed resilience, hope, and a will to protect their loved ones. Despite being much stronger than the other humans, they are peaceful people and never use their powers to do things that wouldn’t be in favor of the greater good.

Now, even though only two Ackermans remain, their presence is felt everywhere as they are one of the most important people in the show and the ones that will eventually save the world.

Attack On Titan Ackermans Kenny Underground City

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