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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock All Unforgivable Curses

Unleash the Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy. Join Sebastian Sallow on intense quests, shape your destiny, and conquer enemies with Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra. Embrace the dark side or protect the greater good in this immersive Harry Potter game.



May 23, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Player Character Hogwarts Legacy Player Character
By: Alexis Askew

One of the aspects of Hogwarts Legacy that fans were most excited for was the ability to learn and use the three Unforgivable Curses: Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra. Avalanche Software wanted to cater to an older audience, since most hardcore Harry Potter fans grew up with the books and movies and are now adults. We only saw the good guys use the unforgivable curses a few times in the later, much darker, installments of the series, so with the freedom to become a dark wizard in the game, the quest to unlock the curses and begin using them as soon as possible started.

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If you’re really eager to begin using the curses, and purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game or the Dark Arts Pack in-game separately, then you can use them in the Dark Arts Battle Arena before you learn them in the game.

Sebastian Sallow Side Quests

Hogwarts Legacy Player and Sebastian

The Unforgivable Curses, like any other spell in Hogwarts Legacy, must be learned. Throughout the game, there are assignments or key moments in a story or quest that will teach the player how to use certain spells. It is no different for the Unforgivable Curses.

One of the characters you meet and befriend at the beginning of the game is Sebastian Sallow, a charming Slytherin who has a knack for getting into trouble and a fascination with the dark arts. With that friendship comes side quests, called relationship quests, where you can learn more about that character and their personal ambitions.

In order to unlock the Unforgivable Curses, you must complete all of Sebastian’s quests, and boy is it an emotional roller coaster. The line between what is good and evil, how power corrupts and creates, is blurred. And you, as the protagonist, can choose to minimize the damage or make it worse.

Important Decisions

Hogwarts Legacy Player Talking to Ominis

You can still complete Sebastian’s quest line without learning or using any of the curses, or you can learn them all. Along the way, you will be presented with different options that will lead to Sebastian teaching you how to use the curses. What you do with that power is up to you, so be careful. The choices you make could steer you away from your chance to learn them.

The Cruciatus Curse: Crucio

Hogwarts Legacy Crucio

The first curse you can learn is the torturing curse, Crucio. First, you must have already completed a few of Sebastian’s quests and reached Level 16. From there, you will unlock In the Shadow in the Study, the fourth quest in Sebastian’s story. In this quest, you, Sebastian, and Ominis will venture into Slytherin’s hidden Scriptorium. The three of you will eventually reach a locked door with a single skeleton in front of it.

The only way to pass the door is to cast the Cruciatus Curse on someone else. Sebastian will present three options to you: He can cast the spell on you and you don’t have to learn the curse; he can teach it to you and you can cast it on him; or he can still teach it to you but he will cast it on you.

Now, you have the ability to truly be evil. The curse has a twenty second cooldown time and, when used, inflicts damage on your enemies over time. The curse is accompanied by jagged, red streaks of light when cast, followed by a chorus of voices screaming in pain.

The Imperius Curse: Imperio

Hogwarts Legacy Imperio

You will need to complete In the Shadow of Discovery and reach Level 17 before you can unlock In the Shadow of Time, the quest where you can learn the Imperius Curse. Imperio allows the caster to control their enemy’s mind.

In this quest, you and Sebastian venture in a catacomb in search of a relic that he hopes can save his sister. Knowing you might need the curse later, he offers to teach it to you. Here, you simply have the option to learn it or not, but right after you have the chance to use it on Ominis.

When confronted by Ominis, who wishes to stop you and his dear friend from meddling with the Dark Arts, there are three paths you can take. You can talk him into letting Sebestian take the relic; imply that you are going to use Imperio on him, but change your mind; or use it on him. If you chose not to learn it beforehand, you can talk to Sebastian and have a second chance to learn it again.

In battle, you can use the curse to bring enemies to your side for a brief period of time and the spell has a thirty second cooldown time.

The Killing Curse: Avada Kedavra

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra

After reaching Lvel 28 and completing four more of Sebastian’s side quests, you will then unlock In the Shadow of Relics. In the quests, you and Sebastian’s mission to save his sister will come to a tragic roadblock that leaves Sebastian torn after using Avada Kedavra, the killing curse.

After the events of the quest, Sebastian will offer to teach you the curse. Despite the choices you make here, if you don’t feel now is the right time to learn it, you can always learn the curse later. However, there is a choice in the next quest that can prevent you from learning the curse if you select the option to learn it later.

In the Shadow of Fate your choice can impact Sebastian greatly, so be careful. You cannot turn Sebastian in for using a certain forbidden spell if you wish to learn that spell yourself. After your decision has been made, Sebastian will offer once again to teach you the final Unforgivable Curse.

Avada Kedavra has a whopping ninety second cooldown time, but it is the most powerful spell in the game. Enemies are instantly killed, no matter their health or how powerful they are.

Avada Kedavra Chain Reaction

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra Chain Reaction

With a few upgrades, you can make the killing curse even more powerful. Under the Dark Arts skill three, there are three tiers that you can spend your talent points on. The third tier unlocks at Level 22 and you can get Avada Kedavra Mastery, an ability that allows you to kill more than one enemy at once.

In order to execute this spell properly, you must have more than one enemy cursed, and they will be marked by an X. Cursing enemies is pretty simple. If Crucio or Imperio are currently active on an enemy, then they are cursed. There are also other skills under the Dark Arts that can turn regular spells, like Stupefy and Expelliarmus, into curses. This will allow you to curse more than just a few enemies at once, since it is difficult to do that with the long cooldown times for the Unforgivables.

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Once you have all three Unforgivable Curses under your belt, you can begin taking down your enemies, all while fighting for the greater good and feeling powerful while doing it.

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