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Hogwarts Legacy: The Different Types of Merlin Trials

Conquer all nine types of Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy! From Flaming Pots to Stone Pillars, unravel the strategies and challenges to become a completionist. Gear up with Mallowsweet and embark on an epic adventure!


Raimonds Lauzums

June 20, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial
By: Alexis Askew

There are nine types of Merlin Trials throughout the vast land surrounding Hogwarts, adding up to the grand total of ninety-five trials (nighty-four if you don’t include the first one done during the main story). Some of the trials are very simple, but others require a bit more finesse. If you’re a completionist or want the extra gear slots that completing the trials grant, then you’ll be grinding for a little while. If you’re looking to make your life a bit easier, then keep on reading since this article will be covering all the different types of Merlin Trials and how to solve them.

What You’ll Need: Mallowsweet

Hogwarts Legacy Use Mallowsweet

For any and every Merlin Trial, you’re going to need Mallowsweet, which is introduced to you during the Trials of Merlin main quest towards the first half of the game. You only have a small supply at the start of the quest and will need to obtain more if you wish to continue with the trials. Mallowsweet is used to activate the trials.

There’s some Mallowsweet in the greenhouse gardens that you can pick, but they don’t grow back, so your best bet is to get your own. Head on over to the Magic Neep. There, you can purchase Mallowsweet leaves for 100 Galleons or buy the seeds and grow it yourself in the Room of Requirement for 200 Galleons. Mallowsweet takes ten in-game minutes to grow and it yields five leaves. Each trial cost one Mallowsweet leaf.

Flaming Pots

Hogwarts Legacy Flaming Pots

Throughout the various regions, there are eleven Flaming Pot Trials. These can be a bit tricky at times. Your goal at each location is to light three braziers on fire, using either Confringo or Incendio. The pots stand at different heights, so start by lighting the tallest pot and work your way down. You need to have them all lit before they sink into the ground and extinguish.

Stone Pillars

Hogwarts Legacy Stone Pillars

There are fourteen Stone Pillar Trials to complete. These are pretty easy to do, the hardest part is finding the pillars hidden throughout the environment, but that’s what Revelio is for. Cast Confringo on the pillars to blow them apart and complete the trial.

Square Symbol Blocks

Hogwarts Legacy Square Symbol Blocks

There are only seven of these across the thirteen regions of the map. There are three pillars around the Merlin circle that have symbols carved into them. Using Flipendo, flip the cubes until the symbol on one side lines up with the symbol on the pillar below it. Go to the adjacent side and do the same thing until that side matches the symbol beneath it as well. You know you’ve done it correctly when green veins cover the pillar.

Large Rolling Stones

Hogwarts Legacy Large Rolling Stone

The trials with the large rolling stones are some of the easiest, and there are twelve of them around Hogwarts. There are two methods to completing this trial. You can use Accio and Depulso to pull or push the ball into the hole reserved for the giant ball, or you can use Wingardium Leviosa to carry it to the hole. Sometimes, if the stone ball is in a high place, you can use Depulso to push it off and Wingardium Leviosa to carry it the rest of the way. Other times, you’ll need to use Wingardium Leviosa to get it over an obstacle. Each trial is unique despite using the same formula.

Moth Moonstone Pillars

Hogwarts Legacy Moth Moonstone Pillars

Moth Moonstone Pillar trials are the ones you’ll come across the most, with eighteen of them in various locations. Once you find the moths, which are pretty easy to spot because they glow, cast Lumos and approach them. They will circle your wand and you can carry them to the closest hollow pillar. The moths will automatically go to the pillar and doing this for the other two will complete the trial.

Piles of Stone Balls

Hogwarts Legacy Piles of Stone Balls

There are only six of these trials. You’ll see three round platforms with four holes in them surrounding the trial location. Using Revelio, you can find a group of five balls nearby. Use Wingardium Leviosa to carry the balls near the platform. They will stack themselves neatly on top. Do that three times, and you’ll have completed this trial.

Broken Statues

Hogwarts Legacy Broken Statues

Broken Statue Trials are the rarest, with only five of them in the game. There will be three statues near the trial that will fall apart when you activate it. You must approach each one and use Reparo to fix all the statues.

Stone Ball Targets

Hogwarts Legacy Stone Ball Targets

There are ten Stone Ball Target Trials. These are very similar to the Stone Pillars Trials. Surrounding the area, sometimes hidden behind rocks or up on high places, will be hollow balls on top of stone pillars. The goal is to destroy all the balls; you can use any destruction spell, but the easiest to use is the Basic Cast. When in doubt, use Revelio to find the hidden ones.

Stone Platforming / Jumping Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Stone Jumping Puzzle

There are eleven Stone Platforming / Jumping Puzzle Trials, some harder than others. Once you’ve activated the trial, you’ll climb on top of the stones and jump from one to another. Whenever you successfully stick the landing, veins will cover the stone. If you fall off, you’ll have to restart.


Now that you know the basic formula for all nine types of Merlin Trials, you can begin scouring the land (or your map) for all of them. It’ll take some time, considering there are so many, but you’ll come across some interesting sights on your quest to be a completionist!

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