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Skibidi Toilet | Internet Mayhem

Skibidi Toilet: An internet miracle! Join the mayhem as CameraHeads battle sentient Skibidi Toilets. Unpredictable, humorous, and wildly popular on YouTube!


Raimonds Lauzums

July 20, 2023

Skibidi Toilet Army Skibidi Toilet Army
By: Haizen

Imagine if Mr. Beast's number of views on YouTube doubled! The Skibidi Toilet series is taking the internet by storm. If you've been exploring YouTube memes recently, chances are you've come across a Skibidi Toilet short. With an astonishing average of over 10 million views per video, the Skibidi Toilet series is nothing short of an internet miracle.

If you've been wondering about the content of these highly popularized videos, you're in luck because we conducted thorough research on the series to compile this feature for you. Learn everything there is to know about the Skibidi Toilet series, the creative minds behind it, and what to expect in the future!

What’s The Skibidi Toilet Series About?

Skibidi Toilet Camera Head

The meme videos showcase a battle for survival on Earth, where the Skibidi Toilet race has taken control of the planet and the CameraHeads are fighting against them. The Skibidi Toilets, with human heads emerging from inside them, serve as the main antagonists of the series, while the CameraHeads act as the protagonists.

The origins of the Skibidi Toilets remain unclear in the series' lore, but they appear to be transformed humans, possibly taken over and controlled by the toilets. These peculiar beings possess remarkable durability compared to regular humans.

The CameraHeads, in their efforts to defeat the Skibidi Toilets, do not rely on conventional weapons. However, in one episode, the Cameraman manages to kill a Skibidi toilet by hurling it out of the freeway, causing it to explode upon impact with the ground. Interestingly, the most straightforward method to kill a Skibidi Toilet is by pulling the plug on the top of the toilet. This action flushes the human head down, resulting in its presumed demise.

Who Created The Skibidi Toilet Series?

Skibidi Toilet Alexey DaFuqBoom

Alexey, better known as DaFuqBoom, is a Georgian animator and the creative mind behind the Skibidi Toilet meme series. With over nine years of experience in filmmaking, he boasts an impressive following of over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and more than a million followers on TikTok. DaFuqBoom's primary tool for crafting his art is Source Filmmaker, a program released by Valve in the early years of 2012, which gained fame for creating the acclaimed Team Fortress 2 adverts.

According to Alexey, while Source Filmmaker can be tricky at times, its overall ease of use makes it worthwhile. Thanks to a vast community of users, the program provides accessibility to various assets, proving to be a godsend for DaFuqBoom. Notably, all scenes in his Skibidi Toilet series were brought to life using assets collected from Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. Moreover, Alexey consistently credits the original creators of these assets, showcasing commendable ethics in an age of rampant digital piracy and copyright violations.

Although the Skibidi Toilet series is Alexey's most renowned venture to date, it is not his first taste of fame. This self-taught animator has previously gone viral with his comical and bizarre animations on YouTube. In 2017, his video "I'M AT DIP" garnered a massive view count of 45 million, and "ULTIMATE MALE_07 COMPILATION" has amassed over 34 million views, further solidifying his place as a prominent content creator.

Just How Popular is the Skibidi Toilet Series?

Skibidi Toilet Season 1

Despite DaFuqBoom's previous successes in reaching millionaire view counts on YouTube, his most recent creation has surpassed all expectations. The first episode of the Skibidi Toilet series premiered on February 7, 2023, and within three months, it amassed over 37 million views. Following this success, Alexey released four more videos in the next month, collectively labeled as "Season 1," which garnered an astonishing 38 million views in just two months.

Since the series took off, Skibidi Toilet has become an internet sensation, dominating various platforms. There are now more than 380 video games centered around the series, specifically designed for mobile devices to capitalize on its immense popularity. These games have proven to be no slouch, with some already surpassing 100,000 downloads. For instance, the game Hunt Skibidi Toilet, available for download since June 22nd, has already amassed over 900,000 downloads!

Furthermore, Skibidi Toilet has become a hot topic among YouTube content creators, attracting even well-known YouTubers like moistcr1tikal, who hail the series as a "cheat code" for views. The series has sparked hundreds of reaction videos, along with numerous attempts by other creators to recreate its success. Fan-made Skibidi Toilet videos are now flooding YouTube, some of which have reached an impressive 5.5 million views.

Is There a Lore for the Skibidi Toilet Series?

Skibidi Toilet Head

Currently, the Skibidi Toilet series lacks a clear and structured lore, being characterized by its bizarre, spontaneous, and unpredictable nature. However, by analyzing DaFuqBoom's uploaded videos over the past few months, we can start to piece together some of the lore surrounding the series.

The Skibidi Toilets appearing in the series are portrayed as sentient beings. Their strange singing, particularly the "Skibidi Bop Yes Yes," appears to serve as a form of communication among them. While most basic toilets simply run around attacking the CameraHeads, there are advanced beings that can wield weapons. The Giant Rocket Launcher Glass Skibidi Toilet, for instance, was the first toilet in the series to weaponize itself, employing rocket launchers for long-range attacks.

Another powerful entity is the Giant Helicopter Glass Skibidi Toilet. Additionally, the Skibidi Toilets' screams upon being attacked suggest that they may experience pain similar to regular humans, fueling the theory that they are possibly infected humans.

In contrast, the CameraHeads and SpeakerHeads, who oppose the waves of antagonists, demonstrate higher intelligence than the Skibidi Toilets. They utilize creative methods to eliminate their enemies, as showcased in the second and third seasons. For instance, the Spider Speaker emits devastating sound waves that prove lethal to the toilets upon impact, while the TV Woman releases beams of light that cause the Skibidi Toilets to act erratically, often attacking one another in the process. This highlights the protagonists' strategic prowess, unlike the Skibidi Toilets, who mainly rely on their sheer numbers to overwhelm opponents.

How Many Episodes Are There in the Series?

Skibidi Toilet Speakerman

Currently, the Skibidi Toilet series comprises 15 seasons, boasting a total of over 50 episodes, each lasting more than a minute. Alexey, the creator, has announced a change in his video release strategy. He plans to reduce the frequency of video uploads to focus on improving the overall quality of the content.

In the series' early stages, creating crude and nonsensical animations was relatively easy. However, as the series evolved, episodes now feature fully-fledged wars between the two factions, demanding extensive effort and time to produce. To maintain the content's high standard, DaFuqBoom will be spacing out his video releases, with fans anticipating a new video every four days.

What Does The Future Hold For the Skibidi Toilet series?

Skibidi Toilet War

The essence of the entire series lies in its unpredictability! Nothing is planned out, and there are no rigid plots or power scalings. It's all about embracing pure mayhem for our enjoyment. Despite the episodes being well-articulated with proper pacing and surprising twists, it's the uncertainty that truly makes the Skibidi Toilet episodes so delightful.

While the nonsensical nature of the videos may not appeal to everyone, the immense following behind the content demonstrates its enduring popularity. If you're new to the internet hype surrounding the series, head over to DaFuqBoom's YouTube channel and experience it for yourself to see what it's all about!

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