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Tokyo Ghoul - The Ultimate Guide, Summary, and Review



April 21, 2022

Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Rage Mode Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Rage Mode
Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki
Author: Prince Lammy

Indeed it is common knowledge that over 80% of Seinen anime are usually top hits. And because they would get you glued, it’s no surprise that Kaneki Kun did capture everyone’s attention and pity, especially in the two seasons of the series.

And amidst controversial reviews, the Tokyo Ghoul still maintains its stand as one of the most loved action-packed, suspense-filled, thrilling, psychological and horror-filled anime. And especially with the splendid mix of myths plus sci-fi, believe it or not, it would be on the anime billboard top 50 (if that exists, lol!).

And as enjoyable as this anime itself is, what exactly makes this blog unique and special from other blogs about Tokyo Ghoul? The Tokyo Ghoul Ultimate Guide tells you all you need to know about the anime. And this focuses on topics ranging from Character Information, Plot Explanation, Reviews, and Watch orders.

But where shall we start? It would be good to just hit it off with a bit of description of the anime itself, right? Alright! Let’s hit the nail on the head.

What is Tokyo Ghoul About?

Before that question is answered, please know that Tokyo Ghoul contains explicit violence, physical abuse, mature themes, and cannibalism!

In present-day Tokyo, humans and human-like monsters (called Ghouls) live together, with the former not being able to identify the Ghouls, especially since they also appear human and yet feed on normal humans!

But amidst all the chaos and Ghoul’s troubles consistently hitting the news bulletins, Ken Kaneki seems unbothered. All he does is go to school with his best friend, Hide. But for the bookworm and average young man, life took on a whole different chapter when a terrifying and violent encounter made him into the first mixed-race Ghoul.

Now caught between the Ghoul and human worlds, Kaneki has to survive the war between both factions without being able to claim either of the two. Even between existing Ghoul factions, and yet learn about his new powers, what it means to be a Ghoul, and finds balance in his man-monster existence.

Plot Summary

The story is told in glimpses. And it follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who narrowly escapes a deadly encounter with Rize Kamishiro, his date who exposes herself to be a ghoul and attempts to devour him. As a result of his critical state, he is brought to the hospital. After he has recovered, Kaneki realizes that he has undergone a surgical procedure that has changed him into a half-ghoul creature.

This was done because portions of Rize’s organs were transplanted into his body. He is now forced to devour human flesh to survive, much like other ghouls. Anteiku, a coffee shop managed by ghouls, takes him in and helps him adjust to his life as a half-ghoul.

Anteiku is a Japanese word that means half-ghoul. He faces challenges daily, including assimilating into the ghoul culture and keeping his true identity a secret from his human friends, particularly from his best buddy Hideyoshi Nagachika.

When a ghoul killed Taishi’s friend, Kisho and Taishi became friends. They began investigating the case together, leading to Taishi enlisting in the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG), a federal agency investigating ghoul-related crimes in the prequel series, Tokyo Ghoul [Jack].

After suffering a horrible brain injury at the hands of Kish Arima, Kaneki wakes up with no memory of his previous life as Haise Sasaki in the spinoff series Tokyo Ghoul: re. A squad of CCG detectives known as the Quinx Squad is under his tutelage. They, too, have undergone a similar operation, granting them access to the specific skills of Ghouls in a bid to battle them.

Tokyo Ghoul Hide Nagachika and Hide Nagachika

Character Information

Tokyo Ghoul isn’t like some other anime that’d have just a few characters to note. This anime has several side characters, and I will briefly talk about them. But note, Tokyo Ghoul has many side characters who didn’t even get much screen time or development.

But significant characters would be discussed, while other side characters who just came to grace the screen for a bit would only just get mentioned.

Ken Kaneki

Kaneki is the main character of the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is a timid young man whose regular life revolved around talking to his only friend, Hide, reading Japanese literature at Kamii University, his school and staying out of everyone’s way altogether.

However, that all came to an abrupt end when he met a ghoul in the person of Rize Kamishiro. While Rize was trying to eat him, some beams fell on them, killing Rize. And in a bid to save Kaneki, one of Rize’s organs was transplanted into him, making him the first mutant one-eyed Ghoul.

His one-of-a-kind half-ghoul condition is what later inspired the Quinx. He learns how to survive as a ghoul after joining Anteiku as a part-time waitress and ultimately becomes known as Eyepatch.

His unique half-ghoul state is what later inspired and birthed the idea of the Quinx. After becoming a member of Anteiku as a part-time waiter, he learns how to live as a ghoul and eventually becomes known as Eyepatch. He uses an eyepatch to hide his one ghoul eye.

Touka Kirishima

Touka is a blue-haired female ghoul that works in a coffee shop, which also serves as a haven for ghouls, called Anteiku. She is the daughter of Hikari and Arata Kirishima, and she has a younger brother named Ayato. Later in the series, she marries The One-Eyed King, Kaneki, and gives birth to Ichika Kaneki, their daughter.

She earned herself the nickname Rabbit because she was always wearing a rabbit mask whenever she went on a hunt. When Kaneki joined Anteiku, she was a student at Kiyomi High School. After the Aogiri incident, she got to her third year of school.

Two years after Anteiku was burned down during the Owl Suppression Operation, where it was revealed that Mr Yoshimura was the dreaded Owl, she came back to rebuild Anteiku and became its Manager. After its second destruction, she aided Kaneki in forming an organization named Goat. She relocated to the 24th ward with all the new organization members.

Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima Angry

Hinami Fueguchi

It’s no exaggeration to say that Hinami is the one sweet little girl you’ll just come to love and pity in the whole series. And it’s fair to say her story would raise some questions in you, especially as to whether it is justifiable why the CCG was always bent on killing ghouls. Born to ghoul parents, Hinami lost her parents to ghoul investigators and even had to witness her mother’s death at the hands of Kureo Mado.

She joined Aogiri Tree after the time jump. Although her primary role is to acquire intelligence, she also acts as a commander and strategist when necessary. Yotsume was the name she went by in Japan.

Kaneki, Touka, and Ayato Kirishima liberated her from Cochlea some months after being taken by the CCG during the Auction Mopping-up Operation. Currently, she is a member of the One-Eyed King’s Goat organization.

Hide Nagachika

Among all those Kaneki relates with, Kaneki is the only human being. And he’s Kaneki’s childhood friend and even risked his life to confirm Kaneki’s new identity as a ghoul. Hide is a literal definition of a true friend, as he has always been by Kaneki, even after the latter ghosted from him after becoming a ghoul.

He was a sophomore at Kamii University. He was a student at the Department of International Studies, where he majored in English language studies. As time passed, he began working part-time at the CCG. Eventually, he became an investigator’s assistant for Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado.

He vanished in the Owl Suppression Operation course, only to reappear as Scarecrow. To avoid disclosing his actual identity or aims, he disguised himself as an unrated Ghoul. He remained on the margins of numerous vital operations.

Rize Kamishiro

Rize is one of the most wanted ghouls by the CCG. Rated SS (the second most dangerous ranking of ghouls, right under SSS), Rize is known to always eat large numbers of humans, harvesting and dining only on their organs and leaving the bodies to waste away.

Rize’s life was ended when she attempted to eat Kaneki after she lured him to a secluded area under the guise of walking her home. Some beams fell on her, crushed her and killed her. But apparently, what everyone thought was an accident did seem like murder because someone was seen walking away right from where the beams fell.

At some point in the future, Dr Akihiro Kanou discovered Rize alive and kidnapped her, using her kakuhou to turn Nashiro, Kurona Yasuhisa and the one-eyed Ghoul Sout Washuu-Furuta. In the end, she was used as a host for the corpse of Dragon (known in Japan as Ryu), who was partially responsible for the ghoulification of Tokyo.

Tokyo Ghoul Mask

Nishiki Nishio

He was a second-year student in Kamii University’s Pharmaceutical Department and Kimi Nishino’s lover before becoming a waiter at Anteiku and an ally of Ken Kaneki. The CCG recently dubbed him Serpent, and he is infamous for slaying other ghouls to gather information. The CCG’s Hirako Squad probed him when he was hunting Torso.

Koutaro Amon

Koutarou Amon is a former FGI. Kureo Mado’s final companion was Akira Mado. The CCG proclaimed him dead, though his corpse was never found, and posthumously upgraded him to Special Class. He resurfaced as a one-eyed ghoul during the Rushima Landing Operation.

Kureo Mado

Mado was famed for kiling ghouls and collecting their kagunes to make quinques. In order to get a fresh quinque, all detectives wait for the ghoul to pull out their kagune. Kasuka, his wife, had died roughly 10 years prior during an inquiry in the 24th ward. This awful tragedy crushed him and Akira.

And there are some others like

  • Shuu Tsukiyama
  • Yakumo Oomori
  • Renji Yomo
  • Yoshimura
  • Uta
  • Juuzou Suzuya
  • Kazuichi Banjou
  • Ayato Kirishima
  • Itsuki Marude
  • Yukinori Shinohara
  • Akira Mado
  • Itori
  • Seidou Takizawa
  • Nico
  • Naki
  • Kousuke Houji
  • Kuki Urie
Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Red Eye

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

Listed below is the exact watch order for the Tokyo Ghoul series, including a summary of each episode.

  1. Tokyo Ghoul Season One
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Live-action Film
  3. Tokyo Ghoul Season Two
  4. Tokyo Ghoul: JACK and PINTO OVA’s
  5. Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tokyo Ghoul

Season One Episodes

  1. Tragedy

    At the café where he works, a regular college student, Kaneki meets Rize, a girl who shares his passion for reading and meets him for the first time. But he has no idea that his life will take a dramatic turn instantly.

  2. Incubation

    Kaneki tries to adjust to his new nature with little progress till another ghoul, Nishiki Nishio, seeks to feed on his buddy Hideyoshi Nagachika. Kaneki is forced to battle to prevent him from entering and being eaten.

  3. Dove

    When Kaneki saves his buddy, he is accepted in by Yoshimura and Touka Kirishima, two ghouls who own and operate the tavern Anteiku. They educate him on how to blend in with human society while hiding his actual nature. In contrast, another ghoul named Shu Tsukiyama comes up to him and approaches him with uncertain motives.

  4. Supper

    Tsukiyama becomes acquainted with Kaneki, and the two begin to hang out together. On the other hand, Tsukiyama is well aware that Kaneki will fall victim to a fatal trap.

  5. Scars

    As part of his plan to swallow Kaneki himself, Tsukiyama sets up yet another trap for him, with Nishio’s human lover as a hostage.

  6. Cloudbust

    Even though Touka and Kaneki beat Tsukiyama with the assistance of Kaneki and Nishio, the police are concerned about what has been happening in the 20th ward. They dispatch two detectives, Kureo Mado and Kotaro Amon, to track down all ghouls in the neighbourhood.

  7. Captivity

    Mado is responsible for the death of Hinami’s mother. Touka fights the ghoul investigation committee officers and kills Kusaba but is injured by Mado due to the attack. Kaneki informs Touka that he wants to engage in combat with the ghoul investigators, and Touka grants him his mask.

  8. Circular

    Hinami manages to flee from Anteiku and is met by Mado, who had tempted her with her deceased mother’s pocketbook in the first place (arm in the manga). Kaneki and Touka searched for her and came face to face with Mado and Amon.

  9. Birdcage

    Immediately following the struggle with Mado, Hinami moves in with Kaneki and Touka. Amon, who is still grieving the death of his companion, is transferred to the 11th ward, at which police are having difficulty dealing with a group of violent ghouls who don’t even dread them.

  10. Aogiri

    Several members of Aogiri Tree, an underworld ghoul sect interested in Kaneki’s link to Rize, abduct him and take him to their lair. As a result of this introduction, Amon becomes acquainted with his new companion, the quirky and deadly Juuzou Suzuya.

  11. High Spirits

    War rages between the CCG and the Aogiri Tree, and Kaneki is subjected to relentless torture from Yamori in his Hobby Room, according to the manga. Anteiku remains on the sidelines while they infiltrate the building and sneak in to extract Kaneki and the others. Using the quinque he obtained from Mado, Amon engages in combat with the Bin brothers, slaying both of them in the end.

  12. Ghoul

    While undergoing even more agonizing torment, Kaneki is subjected to a series of delusions overseen by a projection of Rize’s spirit. In the aftermath, he begins to evaluate himself, reflecting on the reality that life is genuinely about sacrifice; for all along, he had been weak and had lived by the notion of allowing himself to be wounded rather than others, which is the reason for his mother’s suffering. In a confrontation with Kaneki, Rize warns the latter that his dearest ones will perish if he does not give one thing for another. It will be all his mistake disadvantage would occur due to his failure to do so.

Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima

Season Two

  1. New Surge

    Amon insists on entering the fight as Kuroiwa and Shinohara prepare to face the Owl. Ayato attacks Touka, and Kaneki intervenes to save her. While Uta, Tsukiyama, and Yomo take on Noro, they discover him a somewhat surprising opponent.

  2. Dancing Flowers

    Amon is presented to Akira, Mado’s daughter. The latter will be his new companion while the Aogiri Tree launches an assault on the CCG.

  3. Hangman

    Amon and Akira travel to Cochlea to speak with Donato Porpora, Amon’s old foster father, to learn more about the Owl. However, while they’re there, a swarm of Aogiri Tree ghouls commanded by Kaneki and Ayato assault the facility!

  4. Deeper Layers

    Amon and Akira travel to Cochlea to speak with Donato Porpora, Amon’s old foster father, to learn more about the Owl. However, while they’re there, a swarm of Aogiri Tree ghouls commanded by Kaneki and Ayato assault the facility!

  5. Rift

    Nashiro, Kurona, and Suzuya rejoin in battle at Cochlea after formerly living together at a CCG children’s home. Shinohara, the son of Arata, is armed with armour fashioned from the shattered skeletons of Ayato’s father.

  6. Thousand Paths

    His childhood is recalled, and the story of how he ended up working with CCG is told. Roma, a new waitress at Anteiku, fills in for Touka as she prepares for her entrance tests. Things go out of hand when Akira meets Amon and Seido for dinner.

  7. Permeation

    Hinami is concerned about Kaneki’s absence and wishes to do more for him. Still, she isn’t sure what until Kaneki comes to Anteiku, and she begs for Touka to call him back.

  8. Old Nines

    Kuzen, a young and troubled ghoul, tells his story.

  9. City In Waiting

    The CCG launches a full-scale attack on Anteiku. Instead of fleeing, Yoshimura and his companions decide to fight back. Touka and Kaneki also join the fight, despite being warned.

  10. Last Rain

    Kaneki comes just in time to save Anteiku’s pals, who are being slaughtered one by one. After a protracted fight, Juuzou, Shinohara, and only a few other investigators manage to capture and kill Yoshimura. Still, they soon face a new and far more terrifying menace.

  11. Deluge of Flowers

    Until the arrival of their most capable investigator, Kishou Arima, the CCG is forced to defend itself against the Aogiri Tree’s forces. While all of this is going on, Kaneki and Amon are squabbling.

  12. Ken

    When Hide and Kaneki are reconnected, they reminisce about the moments they spent together before they parted ways. Despite the CCG’s losses, Kaneki and Touka recall the other members of Anteiku.

Tokyo Ghoul Praying

Tokyo Ghoul: re

Season One

  1. START: Those Who Hunt

    To avoid being captured, Hinami warns Torso to remain cautious. Toru Mutsuki, the victim’s cab driver, is beaten. This helps Ginshi and Urie find the murderer and stop him. Then Orochi attacks, killing all the officers and letting the cab driver flee.

  2. MEMBER: Fragments

    During their combat, Nishio’s face shocked Sasaki, causing his memories to strobe and drive him insane. Mado sedates Sasaki to stop him from killing his friends. So, Sasaki reprimands Urie and promotes Ginshi to Quinx Squad leader. Sasaki then fights Kisho Arima, telling him he fears his former personality Kaneki would resurface and separate him from his Quinx Squad family. Torso joins Aogiri Tree with The Rabbit (Ayato Kirishima).

  3. FRESH: Eve

    Kanae von Rosewald delivers Shu Tsukiyama the undergarments Chie Hori had retrieved from Haise Sasaki. Still, Shu is devastated when he realizes the aroma is not Kaneki’s. Afterwards, the Quinx Squad follows Nutcracker to a bar where she is seen. They observe that for Kaneki to emerge, Sasaki may have to die. The team then follows a lead to the auction in which the Nutcracker was selling the prisoners to the gourmets.

  4. MAIN: Auction

    Toru is kidnapped and sold to Big Madam in a circus-themed gourmet auction. However, Suzuya launches an attack on the auction, killing numerous ghouls and CCG agents. A squad commander is brutally murdered by a mystery ghoul named Takizawa, who Eto and Dr Kanou send in. Kanae and Torso fight for Toru.

  5. PRESS: Night of Scattering

    Takizawa, shown to be former Investigator Seidou Takizawa, kills an entire CCG operatives team, while Nutcracker kills another team. As Kanae accuses the Quinx Squad and Sasaki of being responsible for Tsukiyama’s mental decline, Sasaki is badly injured and saved by a mystery ghoul named Matsumae. Suzuya and Urie battle Big Madam and other auctioneers, but Urie is gravely hurt and devoured by Big Madam.

  6. TURN: In the End

    Sasaki often sees Ken Kaneki while Takizawa beats him in the auction hall. Quinx Squad members Saiko Yonebayashi and Ginshi Shirazu slay the Nutcracker. She battles Urie, who is practically mad, and Mutsuki, who uses his kagune. She meets Juzo, who, although being tormented and belittled by her, cannot murder her. Hanbee Abara, a Suzuya squad member, wounds her and hides her ears as the CCG kills her.

  7. MIND: Days of Recollections

    Kisho Arima and his CCG team arrest Hinami. Having overcome his confrontation with Takizawa, Sasaki spares her life by requesting her arrest. She’s in Cochlea ghoul jail. After the raid, the Quinx Squad members get promoted, and Sasaki gets promoted to senior investigator. Sen Takatsuki (Eto) brings him Kaneki’s old costume and a book autographed by her.

  8. TAKE: One Who Writhes

    Tsukiyama is usually hungry and kagune-less. Tanda refuses to save Hinami from Cochlea. The ghoul investigators Shiki Kijima and Nimura Furuta approach Sasaki and ask him to join their forthcoming Rose Investigation. The Rose ghoul gang (members of the Tsukiyama criminal family) assault Furuta and Kijima, and Kori Ui informs Sasaki and the Quinx Squad. Hairu Ihei, the detective, saves them.

    Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima Crazy
  9. PLAY: Ghost

    Sasaki returns to Uta’s shop and buys ghoul masks for the Quinx Squad for the impending Rose Investigation. As a ghoul, Kori Ui dislikes the proposal. Meanwhile, Kijima’s video showing him tormenting Yuuma and provoking the Rose gang to assassinate him went viral. Tsukiyama intends to free him and use Kaneki/Sasaki to help him regain his memory.

  10. THINK: Sway

    Kanae confronts Eto, who initially teases him before attacking him with all her might. Kanae wants to kill Sasaki because he loves Tsukiyama, but he doesn’t. Eto promises to be his god and grabs him. Sasaki encourages Ui to rethink his ghoul imitation scheme, and Ui agrees. The next night, Sasaki and the Quinx Squad go on a patrol with Kaneki’s mask. Ghouls recognize Sasaki as Eyepatch, so he begins researching him.

  11. WRITE: The Absent One

    The Quinx Squad is killing ghouls on Tsukiyama. Meanwhile, Tsukiyama reluctantly bids farewell to his pals, who direct him to the rooftop, where a helicopter awaits. Kori Ui sends Sasaki up. Tsukiyama arrives and confronts Sasaki. Said Tsukiyama surrenders, but Sasaki is attacked. Kanae has gone mad and assaulted the CCG investigators. With Hariu Ihei injured, Matsumae decapitates her. When Kijima comes, Matsumae slashes him with his quinque, killing him.


    En route to the hideaway, Eto attacks Sasaki, revealing her status as Sen Takatsuki and calling him Kaneki. Karren viciously assaults Sasaki, repeatedly kicking him in the head. In his head, Sasaki strangles a kid version of Kaneki. As the boy curses him, Sasaki understands he is Kaneki and recalls his mother’s abuse. He recalls Hide’s struggle with Arima, who wounded his skull with his quinque and hypnotized him.

Season Two

  1. PLACE: And So, Once Again

    The CCG has located the headquarters of Aogiri Tree. Hinami’s execution has been set for a later date. An investigation is launched into whether Takatsuki’s editor is a ghoul or not. Takatsuki, on the other hand, makes an astonishing public revelation before she can be interrogated.

  2. VOLT: White Darkness

    As part of his mission to rescue Hinami, Ayato heads a raiding team into Cochlea, which Touka and Yomo accompany. Despite his best efforts, Haise is accosted by Furuta, who refuses to let him go. During the flight through the cellar, Haise comes face to face with Arima.

  3. UNION: Cross Play

    On Rushima Island, the CCG’s attack against the Aogiri Tree continues, and Saiko and Urie are eager to save Mutsuki’s life. Tatara and Kurona both take a stance against the investigators and are arrested. Akira finds assistance from an unexpected source.

  4. VIVE: Those Left Behind

    Towards the end of the battle on Rushima, Akira takes a decision that will have far-reaching consequences. Urie and the recruits of the Quinx Squad continue their quest for Mutsuki in the aftermath of the Quinx Squad’s defeat. Kaneki is taken aback by Arima’s shocking news.

  5. MOVE: Confluence, Confusion

    To announce the formation of a new ghoul group, Kaneki gathers the surviving Anteiku and Aogiri Tree members in a meeting room. The route of Akira’s therapy takes an unexpected detour. Yomo and Touka are both attempting to come to terms with their pasts.

  6. FACE: Effulgence

    The CCG investigators close to Haise expressed their feelings over his departure. Furuta assumes command of the CCG and formulates a new plan for dealing with the ghouls. The Clowns begin to riot, posing a threat to the headquarters of the CCG.

  7. PROOF: Bonds

    Under Furuta’s leadership, the CCG closes down on the ghoul society, causing Goat to flee into hiding. Takeomi and Yoriko have picked a date for their wedding. Mutsuki tracks down Kaneki and extends an invitation to him to return. Touka takes the next move in her relationship with Kaneki.

  8. INCARNATION: Awakened Child

    Mutsuki commands the Oggais in an attack against Goat’s underground lair, which they complete. Kuroiwa and Urie confront Furuta in his office, questioning his ability to be a good leader. Kaneki and Suzuya are engaged in a fight with one another. To defend Touka, Kaneki will go to any means necessary.

    Tokyo Ghoul Incarnation Awakened Child
  9. MORSE: Recollection

    Kurona encounters Dr Kanou as he visits his family’s graveyard. The CCG receives a new colleague and ghoul specialist in the form of a new ally. Hide enlists the assistance of Amon and Akira to present his case to the CCG. Mutsuki lashed out at Urie and Saiko because he was depressed.

  10. CALL: The Far Side of Tragedy

    Even though Kaneki’s body is dormant in the enormous kagune, he has a private conversation with Rize. Urie speaks with Mutsuki on the difficulties of being on one’s own. When a crisis occurs, the city is placed on high alert, compelling the CCG and the ghouls to collaborate.

  11. ACT: Encounters

    Due to increased dragon involvement and the detection of a second base, Kaneki and Ayato offer to travel to the location and deal with the situation. When Kaiko and the other members of V begin an attack, the CCG and the ghouls should work together to stop it.

  12. Finale

    Aboveground, Furuta and Kaneki continue their battle under the streets of Tokyo. In contrast, CCG and Goat continue their united battle against the members of V below ground. It takes several years for Kaneki to grips with the past decade’s events.


  1. Tokyo Ghoul: JACK

    The story revolves around a teenage Special Investigator named Kishou Arima, who is in his senior year of high school until he meets the lighthearted Taishi Fura, who helps him investigate ghouls mainly in the 13th ward. Later on, they become Special Investigators in the CCG. Still, they retain their opposed beliefs from when they first met.

  2. Tokyo Ghoul: PINTO

    Shuu Tsukiyama, known as the Gourmet, appears in the novel in his high school years, along with Chie Hori. Due to the light tone of his physique, they come face to face as she films Tsukiyama murdering a jogger and then preparing to devour him. As a Ghoul, she appears indifferent to being exposed. Instead, she disappears into a different universe, capturing anything that piques her curiosity.

Tokyo Ghoul Shuu Tsukiyama Smile


For various reasons, Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most anticipated shows of this season. The principle is simple to understand. There are two kinds of people in the world: ordinary folk and ghouls who feed on the flesh of the living.

After nearly being killed by a ghoul, the protagonist, Kaneki Ken, is transformed into a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid. Having not read the manga, I expected the program would use the MC as a focal point to examine the two groups’ morals and investigate their prejudices. While also includes some exciting action scenes.

But oh, was I wrong!

I will extensively review the anime on different headings such as storyline, art, music, etc.

Story | 6/10

Tokyo Ghoul’s storyline was generally good. It covered a lot of ground while getting right to the heart of the matter. However, that is all there is to it. There isn’t a lot going on in terms of the storyline. It doesn’t take long for Tokyo Ghoul to build its mythology, including the Wards (sects), Doves (anti-ghoul police), and various ghouls.

Here, Kaneki spends much of his time debating over his new and unique circumstances, which Anteiku emphasizes. As Kaneki observes the many ghouls that come and go from the café, he learns about each one’s viewpoint on being a ghoul. The tale itself doesn’t seem to be heading in any particular way. While this is good in and of itself, it leads to additional issues with character development and the overall pace.

When a ghoul invasion occurs in one of the other wards, this is made known in the show’s 9th episode. It’s evident that this is the program’s conclusion, yet the mini-arc approach the show has been utilizing so far feels out of place here. Before the significant invasion, there was scarcely any buildup. The last four episodes sought to compress as much substance as possible by speeding things up, as seen by the abrupt rise in stakes and the rapid introduction of side characters.

The finale was hastily put together. The show’s narrative was disjointed, to put it mildly. The exciting notion they had to work with was wasted.

Art | 8/10

Here, I have nothing to complain about—smooth and polished animation throughout. Watching the clashes and battles, albeit few, is a joy. The weaponry was an innovative notion for the presentation, which included both quinque and kagune. The series has a tendency to employ a lot of bright colours in its visual style, which I found to be a fantastic choice for the series to make.

The characters’ designs and colours set them apart. I found it interesting how the colour of a character’s clothing corresponded to their personality. A refreshing break from other anime whose characters seem too much alike. It’s one of the rare shows where I don’t skip the opening and closing sequences. The OP’s use of reflection and contrast is one of my favourite aspects of the piece.

Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Wearing a Mask and Scared

Sound | 8/10

In Tokyo Ghoul’s sound design, there was nothing amiss. Overall effects and background noise are coordinated effectively in combat sequences. The voice acting worked nicely with the artwork and colour scheme since each character had a distinct tone and timbre.

That is to say, and their singing had a more dramatic quality to it. Nonetheless, they could use it effectively to convey their personas and character traits. Each of the two opening and closing credits sequences is top-notch, and they perfectly capture the show’s overall tone.

Character | 5/10

This aspect of Tokyo Ghoul falters, and it eventually stifles the show’s enjoyment. There are a lot of supporting characters in the program. Every one to two episodes, a new character is introduced, yet none of them has enough screen time to grow as a person. This is partially due to the show’s one-episode format and its mini-plot structure.

Several episodes later, a new individual is added who somehow connects with Kaneki before being replaced by a new character. There is very little background information provided for the supporting cast members. They were merely pushed to the margins until the ninth episode’s dramatic storyline.

Unfortunately, the primary characters are all one-dimensional. At first, Kaneki’s fear of his current circumstances was understandable. Still, despite the large cast and intimate setting, he never got over his timidity. Sadly, Kaneki’s character growth was stunted due to the lack of attention given to the supporting cast.

Kaneki, on the other hand, frequently finds himself in the circumstances he can’t escape from. In Episode 3, Hinami’s storyline, he learns that there are ghouls that aren’t interested in killing humans. His entire persona is a teaser for the last episode, where he becomes all badass. Even that, though, is a letdown in and of itself. Honestly, I didn’t expect to see something like that from the program.

Enjoyment | 6/10

You have my word on this. This program is likely to be enjoyable if you turn off your thinking cap. Within its genre, it doesn’t provide anything fresh or groundbreaking. Fighting is fun. The plot is simple, but the characters and environment are engaging enough. There are better options, but this isn’t one of them.

I also wanted to keep hoping that the following episode would have more action or that Kaneki would accomplish anything for the entire program. There were long stretches of the show where I was left with blue balls because I couldn’t wait for something substantial to happen. I was very let down.

The final episode explored morality and choice satisfyingly and consistently with what I anticipated to see from the pilot. The truth was that this was not the case at all.

It served its purpose as an acceptable Thursday night filler. Even if the characters are two-dimensional, the implementation and presentation of the last episode created a tense tone that regretfully did not occur in any of the previous episodes.

Overall | 6/10

I’ll confess that I had a good time with it. It wasn’t anything exceptional, but it’s an excellent program to watch to pass the time. If you were hoping for any depth, you’d be disappointed. There were a lot of opportunities to highlight how ghouls and humans differed. Still, it didn’t work out in the episode, as previously said. In the end, the program is little more than mediocre.

It wasn’t the staff’s fault since there may have been more episodes. Still, the reproduction of the original content was mishandled. Despite its impressive visuals, the program could not overcome its shaky narration.

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