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About Us

Poggers Inventory

What Does Poggers Mean?

Poggers is that ephemeral state of bliss that transcends the mundane and catapults you into a realm of excitement and amazement. When the stars align, the planets harmonize, and the gaming gods smile upon you, Poggers emerges like a mischievous sprite, tickling your funny bone and filling your heart with giddy laughter. It's the cosmic high-five from the universe, saying, "Hey, you! Yeah, you! You just witnessed something utterly amazing!"

So, when the extraordinary occurs and your soul does a little happy dance, let the word "Poggers" burst forth from your lips like a jubilant confetti cannon. Embrace the whimsy, revel in the silliness, and join the chorus of laughter echoing across the digital realm. Poggers, my friend, is the secret ingredient that adds a dash of mirth and a sprinkle of enchantment to the tapestry of life!

Poggers Inc. - Family Owned & Operated

Run by a team of three (geeky) brothers, we took our passion for toys & games and turned it into a super fun business. Our family grew up with video games, anime, and a love for all things gaming. We know games, and we know gamers. Our passion for games and toys has allowed us to curate and stock only high-quality products that we know our customers will love, because we know we’d enjoy the products ourselves.

That Midwestern Feeling

We’re from the Midwest; we grew up apologizing when someone else bumps into us. We hold a door open and wait for someone even when they are uncomfortably far away. Being polite and kind has become part of our DNA. We pride ourselves on our integrity. We care greatly about the experience and the satisfaction of our customers and encourage you to reach out to us, ask us questions, and let us know what we can do to make to make your experience better. Our family is always ready to help!

You’re not getting an outsourced customer service representative when you contact us. You’re getting one of us. Our phone number goes straight to the phone in Ray’s office and he will be happy to help you during business hours. Our warehouse is located in Ozaukee County in the US state of Wisconsin. We’re here in the warehouse Monday through Friday from 10am - 5pm!

Thank you for your continued support!

Ray at Poggers


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