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Alien - Xenomorph Drone Figure - Eaglemoss - Hero Collector

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Product Description

1:16 Scale Figure from the Hero Collector Line

The Xenomorph is the titular creature from Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic, Alien, brought to life in a new collector's edition. The Xenomorph Drone (Alien) is a skeletal terror with acid for blood, a bladed tail and two sets of lethal jaws. Born from the stuff of nightmares, it quickly grew from the diminutive parasite that burst from the best of office Kane, to a terrifying monster that stalked the crew of Nostromo. A perfect showcase of H.R. Giger’s timeless design, this model captures the Xenomorph’s pose as it lunged from the shadows to kill Captain Dallas. This figure is a perfect hand-painted replica of a sci-fi/horror icon, designed using materials supplied straight from the film studio. The Xenomorph Drone (Alien) figure comes in a newly-designed special box that you can proudly display at home or in the office. Collect the most iconic creatures from the Alien and Predator with the new collector's editions!