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Chessex Borealis - Polyhedral 7-Die Set (Light Green / Gold Luminary)

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Product Description

Chessex dice are the best rolling dice on the market, and Borealis line is their best-look sets to date! All dice read from the top for easy comprehension, with each number filled with high-contrast paint for easy visibility. The numbers also feature underscoring to differentiate the 6 from the 9. Sharp edges allow for easy shape recognition. Plastic display case included. The Luminary line includes materials that give the dice a speckled look in the light, but a starry field effect in the dark. This polyhedral set contains one D20, one D12, two D10 (00-90 and 0-9), one D8, one D6, and one D4.

  • New color formulation for the most intense Borealis colors
  • Shine in the darkness
  • Numbers fill the sides for easy reading
  • Chessex has been the RPG dice game for generations
  • Light effect (glows in the dark)