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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - The Crimson Saiyan Starter Deck (SS4 Goku)

Dragon Ball Super Card Game - The Crimson Saiyan Starter Deck (SS4 Goku)

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The Crimson Saiyan Decklist


  • 1x Long Odds SS4 Son Goku
  • 2x Power Charge Bardock
  • 4x SSB Son Goku, at the Apex
  • 2x Reborn Might SS4 Son Goku
  • 2x Ultimate Potential SS2 Son Gohan
  • 4x Indomitable Dynasty SS Son Goku
  • 4x Dependable Dynasty Son Goku
  • 2x Unbroken Dynasty Son Goku
  • 4x Dynasty Deferred Son Goku
  • 4x Intrepid Dynasty Son Gohan
  • 4x Prodigal Dynasty Son Goten
  • 4x Plucky Dynasty Pan
  • 4x Dynastys Solace Chi-Chi
  • 4x Adoptive Father Son Gohan
  • 2x 10x Kamehameha
  • 4x Instant Transmission

Item Features & Details


Seamless Game Introduction: Embark on your Dragon Ball Super Card Game journey effortlessly with the SS4 Goku Starter Deck - The Crimson Saiyan. This deck is meticulously crafted as the ideal entry point for both new and experienced players, ensuring a smooth and encouraging introduction to the deck.

Comprehensive 50-Card Deck: Command the battlefield with a robust deck consisting of 50 cards, strategically chosen to provide a well-rounded and dynamic gameplay experience. Each card contributes to the Crimson Saiyan theme, creating a cohesive and powerful deck.

Leader Card Inclusion: Take charge of your battles with the inclusion of a leader card. The SS4 Goku Starter Deck grants players the opportunity to embody the strength and prowess of SS4 Goku as their leader, setting the tone for strategic and epic encounters.

Play Sheet and Rules Manual: Navigate the intricacies of the game seamlessly with the provided play sheet and rules manual. These essential resources serve as comprehensive guides, aiding players in understanding the game mechanics and maximizing the potential of their deck.

Exclusive Card Variety: Elevate your strategy with five exclusive cards unique to The Crimson Saiyan Starter Deck. These exclusive additions add depth and uniqueness to your deck, ensuring a distinctive and exciting gameplay experience as you delve into the Dragon Ball Super Card Game universe.

Product Description


Dive headfirst into the Dragon Ball Super Card Game with the SS4 Goku Starter Deck - The Crimson Saiyan, the ideal entry point for enthusiasts. Boasting 50 cards, a leader card, and complemented by a play sheet and rules manual, this starter deck offers a seamless introduction to the game's dynamics. Elevate your strategy with five exclusive cards, adding a unique touch to your deck and ensuring a distinctive gameplay experience as you embody the power of the Crimson Saiyan.

Unleash the might of SS4 Goku and navigate the thrilling world of Dragon Ball with this thoughtfully curated starter deck. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, the SS4 Goku Starter Deck provides a comprehensive and enjoyable way to immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, offering strategic depth and exclusive cards that amplify the excitement of your battles.

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The Crimson Saiyan Starter Deck (SS4 Goku)

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Product Information


Fandoms: Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Super

Series: Dragon Ball Super: Card Game

Manufacturer: Bandai

Item Weight: 0.35 pounds

Item UPC: 852906007948

Manufacturer Description


The Ideal Way to Jump into The Dragon Ball Super Card Game! This Starter Deck Includes 50 Cards And One Leader Card, Plus A Play Sheet And Rules Manual. Features Five Cards Exclusive to This Starter Deck!

About the Manufacturer


Bandai Products encompass a vibrant and diverse array of officially licensed merchandise, showcasing the creativity and innovation synonymous with the Bandai brand. From cutting-edge action figures and collectibles to captivating model kits and toys, Bandai's product offerings span a wide spectrum of popular franchises, including iconic anime, manga, and entertainment properties. With a rich history rooted in delivering high-quality toys and merchandise, Bandai continues to captivate fans worldwide by translating the magic of beloved characters into tangible and visually stunning products. As a retailer, we take pride in presenting Bandai's exceptional range of officially licensed items, providing enthusiasts with an immersive experience that brings their favorite franchises to life.

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About the Fandom


Dragon Ball Super extends the narrative of the Dragon Ball franchise, serving as a direct sequel to the events depicted in Dragon Ball Z. Set after the defeat of Majin Buu, the series follows the adventures of Goku, Vegeta, and their companions as they face new challenges across the cosmos. From battling powerful adversaries in intergalactic tournaments to confronting existential threats that endanger the entire universe, the Z Fighters must harness their strength, courage, and teamwork to overcome formidable obstacles and protect the peace they've fought so hard to achieve.

Dragon Ball Super extends far beyond just the anime and manga series, it encompasses a diverse array of licensed merchandise and products. From action figures and collectible statues to clothing lines and accessories to even a trading card game, fans can immerse themselves in the world of the Dragon Ball series through a multitude of avenues. Dragon Ball Super has become not just a manga or an anime television show but rather a cultural phenomenon.

About the Series


The Dragon Ball Super Card Game (DBSCG) is a collectible card game developed by Bandai, inspired by the iconic Dragon Ball franchise. Launched in July 2017, it has since become a popular pastime for fans of the anime and trading card games alike. With an extensive array of card sets, including base sets, draft sets, expansion sets, and themed boosters, the game offers players a diverse and dynamic gameplay experience.

In the DBSCG, players assemble decks featuring their favorite characters from across the Dragon Ball universe, each represented by unique cards with different abilities and attributes. The game incorporates strategic elements such as card drafting, deck building, and intense battles between players' chosen warriors. With various rarities, including Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Secret Rare, along with special editions like God Rare and Destruction Rare, collectors and players alike are continually challenged and engaged in their pursuit of mastering the game and expanding their card collection.

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