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Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle - Board Game - IDW Games

Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle - Board Game - IDW Games

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Dynamic Flicking Fighting Game: Engage in intense battles by flicking iconic characters—Goku, Vegeta, Goku Black, or Zamasu.

Strategic Damage and Power Gain: Deal damage and accumulate power as you skillfully flick characters into opponents.

Special Flick Attacks: Power up to unleash unique flick attacks, creating dynamic collisions and interactions.

Destructible 3D Terrain: Experience innovative gameplay as enemies can be sent bouncing off each other or crashing into destructible 3D terrain.

Dragon Ball Collection Mechanic: Immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball universe, collecting the legendary 7 Dragon Balls to make game-altering wishes.

Designer and Publisher: Crafted by Spencer Reeve and published by IDW Games, ensuring a captivating and well-designed gaming experience.

Player Capacity: Suitable for 2–4 players, fostering interactive and dynamic gameplay.

Game Length: Enjoy brisk gaming sessions lasting 30–45 minutes, offering a perfect balance of excitement and strategy.

Age Range: Designed for players aged 8 and above, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Release Year: Introduced to gaming enthusiasts in 2018, delivering a fresh and captivating board game experience.

Product Description


Embark on an exhilarating journey with "Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle," an innovative board game by IDW Games. This flicking fighting game brings iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, Goku Black, and Zamasu to life as you skillfully flick them into opponents, dealing damage and amassing power. Execute strategic power-ups and unleash special flick attacks, creating dynamic interactions and collisions against 'destructible' 3D terrain.

Immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball universe and strive to collect the legendary 7 Dragon Balls, each holding the power to reshape the game's dynamics with a wish. "Heroic Battle" masterfully combines physical dexterity with tactical decision-making, capturing the essence of Dragon Ball Super. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer, this game promises an engaging experience filled with strategic maneuvers and unexpected twists. Will you conquer your opponents, claim the Dragon Balls, and emerge as the ultimate hero, or will the tables turn in this fierce and unpredictable battle for the future? The fate of the universe awaits your skillful flicks and strategic prowess!

Box Contents


4 Character Boards

25 Tokens

4 Buildings

4 Character Discs

8 Special Ability Discs

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Rulebook

Product Information


Fandoms: Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Super

Manufacturer: IDW Games

Year Manufacturered : 2018

Item Weight: 0.52 pounds

Item UPC: 827714015942

Manufacturer Description


It’s a fight for the future in Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle! A flicking fighting game, Heroic Battle has you flicking Goku, Vegeta, Goku Black, or Zamasu into your opponents to deal damage and gain power. Power up and unleash special flick attacks that can send your enemies bouncing off of each other, or even into ‘destructible’ 3D terrain! Collect the 7 Dragon Balls to make a wish and change the way the game is played!

About the Manufacturer


About the Fandom


Dragon Ball Super extends the narrative of the Dragon Ball franchise, serving as a direct sequel to the events depicted in Dragon Ball Z. Set after the defeat of Majin Buu, the series follows the adventures of Goku, Vegeta, and their companions as they face new challenges across the cosmos. From battling powerful adversaries in intergalactic tournaments to confronting existential threats that endanger the entire universe, the Z Fighters must harness their strength, courage, and teamwork to overcome formidable obstacles and protect the peace they've fought so hard to achieve.

Dragon Ball Super extends far beyond just the anime and manga series, it encompasses a diverse array of licensed merchandise and products. From action figures and collectible statues to clothing lines and accessories to even a trading card game, fans can immerse themselves in the world of the Dragon Ball series through a multitude of avenues. Dragon Ball Super has become not just a manga or an anime television show but rather a cultural phenomenon.

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