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Frogger - Game Boy Color

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Product Description

You will be getting a factory sealed copy of Frogger for the Game Boy Color. Fresh from the factory case!

Roads and rivers can be dangerous places when you're a little amphibian trying to get home! The original arcade hit FROGGER comes to Game Boy Color. You must guide the little green guy across a street, over a river, and into the safety of his home. But you're crossing a highway in the middle of rush hour, so you'd better watch out for speedy cars and trucks that look to flatten you. Once you cross the street, you'll have to get across the river, which is filled with floating logs. Some of those logs are crocodiles though, so be careful you don't end up as someone's midday snack. You'll also have to look out for snakes and turtles, which can also ruin your day. Along the way, you can gobble up some flies and rescue other frogs to earn some extra points. As the game progresses traffic moves faster, the river rages harder, and everything gets a lot more dangerous! FROGGER is compatible with all existing Game Boy systems.