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John Wick Hex - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

John Wick is the name of a movie franchise and of the main character in these films. John Wick, the character, is played by the famous actor Keanu Reeves. The popularity of the movies gave way to the creation of this video game. 

John Wick is a professional hitman and you can be him in this "John Wick Hex" action video game. Everything is fast-past and the game expands the universe of the movie installments. The fight scenes are choreographed, but you'll have to decide quickly on your next move while you weigh its pros and cons. 

Depending on how well you perform, you can unlock new weapons, locations, and suit options. However, the weapons do influence your next and new combat tactics and the way your game will continue.   

In the John Wick Hex video game, the events take place before those in the movie. the player, controlling John Wick, has to rescue both Winston and Charon from a dangerous enemy. 

Those who already watched the movies will recognize the voices of some of the characters, as the actors reprised their roles.