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Jumanji: The Video Game - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Jumanji started out as an illustrated book for children published in 1981. It was loosely turned into a movie in 1995, and this movie is the first installment in the Jumanji franchise. "Jumanji: The Video Game" is one of the pieces released for this franchise. 

The video game can be played by up to 4 players only. Playing against the CPU is also possible. Your mission will be to save Jumanji by finding the jewels. Finding these items will prove a bit more difficult than it sounds. You will have to fight off beasts and marauders, unlock cool items, and pay attention to any traps in your path. 

Players can choose one of these characters to play:

  • Dr. Bravestone
  • Mouse
  • Ruby
  • Prof. Oberon

Your adventure takes place in a 3D world. Your chosen avatar has unique skills and failings from the others. This means the game will evolve differently based on who you choose to play as. Furthermore, the more you play, the better you'll know the game and your experience will be different as well. 

The locations in which you'll find yourself are diverse as well, featuring a new deadly mountain, a new jungle, and a new city. Every time you play this game, you'll be able to unlock new outfits and weapons, and this adds to the diversity of each round of Jumanji.