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Kamigami Battles: River of Souls - Card Game

Kamigami Battles: River of Souls - Card Game

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Standalone Game: Kamigami Battles: River of Souls is a complete game on its own, expanding the Kamigami Battles universe with a focus on Egyptian and Babylonian mythology.

Divine Mythology: Players choose to embody gods from Egyptian or Babylonian pantheons, using their unique powers and strategies to control the cosmos.

Dynamic Gameplay: Play with 2 to 6 players, aiming to reduce all other gods' energy to zero or achieve 25 energy points to win. Team matches feature pairs of Main and Support Gods, with victory requiring the elimination of the opposing Main God.

Temple Cards: Includes six temple cards that act as places of worship. These temples provide energy through a High Priest and can be attacked, affecting the gods' energy resources.

Strategic Combat: The game maintains its core mechanics of divine battles with additional layers of strategy involving temples and team dynamics.

Comprehensive Set: Kamigami Battles: River of Souls offers everything needed to dive into mythological warfare, including god cards, warriors, disciples, and temples, all designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

Product Description


Kamigami Battles: River of Souls transports you to the ancient realms of Egyptian and Babylonian mythology in this thrilling standalone card game. As the first set in the Kamigami Battles series following Battle of the Nine Realms, it brings a fresh layer of divine strategy and mythical power to the game. Choose your deity from the pantheons of Egypt or Babylon and engage in epic battles to dominate the cosmos.

In this game, you and your opponents take on the roles of powerful gods, vying for supremacy by deploying loyal warriors and disciples. The objective is to either reduce all rival gods' energy to zero or accumulate 25 energy yourself. For added depth, play in teams of two where each pair includes a Main God and a Support God, working together to defeat the opposing team’s Main God.

Kamigami Battles: River of Souls introduces six unique temple cards, representing the gods' places of worship. These temples are not just defensive structures but also a critical source of energy. They can be attacked directly, and their destruction impacts the energy resources of the gods, making them a strategic target in your divine conquests.

Whether you're battling solo or in teams, this expansion enriches the Kamigami Battles experience with new tactics, divine interactions, and strategic choices. Prepare to harness the ancient powers of Egyptian and Babylonian deities and lead your pantheon to victory!

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Kamigami Battles: River of Souls

Protective Packaging

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Manufacturer: Japanime Games

Item Weight: 2.14 pounds

Item UPC: 0703558838322

Manufacturer Description


Kamigami Battles: River of Souls is a standalone game and the first set for Kamigami Battles: Battle of the Nine Realms. The gameplay remains mostly the same as you play the role of a great God or a team of Gods, defending your reign from rival Gods by using the warriors and disciples loyal to you. However, in this version each player chooses to be a God of Egyptian or Babylonian Mythology and uses that God to take control of the cosmos.

When playing with 2 to 6 players, you win by reducing all of the other Gods to 0 energy or by reaching 25 energy. When in a Team Match, you play with 4 or 6 players teamed up in pairs of two. You will have one Main God and a Support God. A team wins together if they can eliminate the opposing team’s Main God.

River of Souls also includes six temple cards, your Gods place of worship. Temples provide the Gods, through a High Priest, Energy when they need it. They can be attacked instead of the opponent’s God and their Energy is reduced as in a normal attack. A Temple with 0 Energy is destroyed and turned face down.

About the Manufacturer


Japanime Games Products, a leading name in the world of tabletop gaming, presents a captivating selection of officially licensed games and accessories inspired by Japanese pop culture. With a focus on bringing the excitement of Japanese anime and manga to the gaming community, Japanime Games offers an array of board games, card games, and other tabletop experiences that showcase the creativity and storytelling found in beloved Japanese media. From engaging strategy games to immersive deck-building experiences, Japanime Games Products cater to enthusiasts who seek to bring the thrilling worlds of anime and manga to their tabletops. As a retailer, we are delighted to offer Japanime Games Products, providing fans with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich storytelling and strategic gameplay inspired by Japanese pop culture.

Renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation, Japanime Games has earned a global reputation among tabletop gaming enthusiasts. The company collaborates closely with various game designers and licensors to ensure that each product not only resonates authentically with the fan base but also upholds the high standards set by intellectual property owners. This commitment to both creative expression and compliance positions Japanime Games as a trusted destination for fans looking to experience the excitement of tabletop gaming with officially licensed products. As a retailer, we take pride in offering Japanime Games' meticulously crafted items, providing tabletop gaming enthusiasts with the opportunity to enhance their collections and enjoy the immersive worlds of anime and manga through engaging and officially licensed gameplay.

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