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Core Connection: Rise of Atlantis - Deck Building Card Game

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Product Description

Core Connection is a deck-building card game for at least 2 players but not more than 4, released in 2020. In this game, you take on the role of a pilot of a Resonant, which is a giant mecha or robot, and you'll be fighting to free society from the tyrannical reign of its oppressors! These oppressors are none other than those who live in Atlantis. 

The base game is called Rise of Atlantis. The game's first expansion is Titans Unleashed. You'll need cards from both of these installments to be able to play the game. You'll have to pilot your Resonant and upgrade it with various enhancements to stand any chance in defeating the army of Atlantis!

Of course, the cards also offer you various attacks, allowing you to use unique tactics during gameplay. Depending on how many players there are, you'll need around an hour or one and a half hours to complete a game.  

This product comes with 77 cards and the sleeve size you need is the standard one.