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LEGO - Architecture - Statue of Liberty - 21042

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Architecture - Statue of Liberty - 21042, a magnificent set celebrating the iconic symbol of freedom. Experience the harmonious blend of sculpture and architecture as you recreate the Statue of Liberty.


  • Authentic Interpretation: This LEGO Architecture set faithfully reproduces the real-world Statue of Liberty, capturing its intricate details. From the shield-lined pedestal to the columned balconies, every element is meticulously crafted.

  • Lady Liberty Statue: The set features a beautifully crafted Lady Liberty statue with a flowing robe, broken shackles, a 7-ray crown, an iconic tablet, and an upraised arm bearing a golden torch. These details pay homage to the symbolism and significance of the monument.

  • Detailed Pedestal: The intricately detailed pedestal showcases shield and brick detailing, adding depth and authenticity to the model.

  • Informative Booklet: Expand your knowledge of the Statue of Liberty's design, architecture, and history with the included booklet. Available in English and French languages, it provides insightful information. Other language versions can be downloaded at

  • Celebrating Architecture: LEGO Architecture celebrates the world of architecture through the medium of LEGO bricks. It is designed for enthusiasts of travel, architecture, history, and design, providing a highly satisfying building experience.

  • Challenging and Rewarding: With over 1,685 LEGO pieces, this set offers a pleasantly challenging and rewarding building experience. Immerse yourself in the construction process and appreciate the intricacies of the model.

  • Size and Dimensions: Once assembled, the model stands over 17 inches (44cm) high, 5 inches (14cm) wide, and 5 inches (14cm) deep. Its impressive size makes it a symbolic centerpiece for your home or office.