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LEGO - Atlantis - Portal of Atlantis - 8078

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Product Description

Embark on a daring adventure to the lost city of Atlantis with the LEGO Atlantis Portal of Atlantis - 8078. Discover the long-lost portal and overcome numerous challenges that stand in your way. 


  • Exciting minifigures: The set includes seven minifigures, including three divers, one Portal Emperor, one Squid Warrior, one Shark Warrior, and one skeleton. Each Minifigure brings unique characteristics and adds depth to your underwater exploration.

  • Collect all the Atlantis treasure keys: Unlock the portal to Atlantis by collecting all five Atlantis treasure keys - green, blue, yellow, red, and orange. Combine these keys to create the keystone and gain access to the hidden city.

  • Beware of hidden traps: The divers must navigate through hidden traps that add an element of surprise and challenge. Stay alert and use your problem-solving skills to overcome these obstacles.

  • Interactive play feature: Turn one of the treasure keys into the keystone and open the portal to Atlantis. This interactive play feature adds excitement and provides a sense of accomplishment as you progress through the adventure.

  • Shark castle: The set features a shark castle, which measures an impressive 18 inches (46cm) wide and over 12 inches (32cm) tall. The castle serves as a formidable obstacle, guarded by shark guardian statues that come alive to protect the portal.

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