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LEGO - Bionicle - Skull Warrior - 70791

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Bionicle Skull Warrior (70791) - Conquer the Ancient City! Unleash the power of the Skull Warrior and defend the ancient city from intruders with its incredible features and weaponry. Engage in intense battles, rip off masks, and activate the Freeze Bow rapid shooter. This durable and posable figure is ready for action-packed play.


  • Skull Mask and Mask Pop-off Trigger: The Skull Warrior features a menacing skull mask and a mask pop-off trigger. Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents as you reveal the face beneath.

  • Metallic-Effect Chest Decoration: Admire the cool metallic-effect chest decoration that adds an extra touch of visual appeal to the Skull Warrior's intimidating presence.

  • Battle Bash Function: Activate the battle bash function to deliver powerful blows to your opponents. Overcome them in close combat and emerge victorious.

  • Freeze Bow Rapid Shooter: With the huge Freeze Bow rapid shooter, unleash six successive shots to freeze and repel any approaching Bionicle heroes. Keep the intruders at bay with your rapid shooting skills.

  • Hook Blade: Use the hook blade to your advantage and rip off the masks of LEGO Bionicle heroes. Steal their power and add it to the Skull Warrior's arsenal.

  • Silver-Colored Bones and Translucent Rib Cage: The Skull Warrior boasts silver-colored bones that give it a striking appearance. Its translucent rib cage adds an eerie touch, showcasing its undead nature.

  • Posable Joints: Enjoy the flexibility and poseability of the Skull Warrior's joints. Strike dynamic poses and engage in epic battles with ease.

  • Battle Arm: Turn the wheel to activate the battle arm, allowing the Skull Warrior to unleash devastating attacks on its enemies.

  • Freeze Bow Rapid Shooter: Fire projectiles with precision and speed using the Freeze Bow rapid shooter. Aim, shoot, and freeze your adversaries.

  • Durable Design: Built for intense action play, the Skull Warrior is designed to withstand rigorous battles and provide endless hours of entertainment.

  • Impressive Height: Standing over 7" (20cm) tall, the Skull Warrior dominates the battlefield with its towering stature.

  • Multi-Headed Warrior: Combine the Skull Warrior with the 70792 Skull Slicer and 70793 Skull Basher sets to create a formidable multi-headed warrior. Follow the building instructions available online at for an epic transformation.