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LEGO - Legends of Chima - CHI Cragger - 70203

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Product Description

Prepare for a stealthy assault as CHI Cragger sneaks up on rival tribes, ready to snap into action! This buildable warrior harnesses the power of CHI with its impressive features, including massive snapping jaws, a triple-bladed CHI fang staff, and CHI orb chest armor. Get ready for intense battles as you pose its super-flexible limbs for epic action poses and attack modes. With CHI Cragger leading the way, watch as CHI Laval and the Lion tribe retreat in fear from the swamps.


  • Experience the power of snapping jaws as CHI Cragger unleashes its mighty bite, crushing enemies with its massive strength.

  • Equip CHI Cragger with the huge triple-bladed CHI fang staff, perfect for both offense and defense in battle.

  • Hold the fang staff with both claws, gaining full control and maximizing the impact of every strike.

  • Enjoy complete flexibility with CHI Cragger's super-flexible limbs, allowing you to create dynamic battle poses that showcase its agility and combat prowess.

  • Engage in thrilling battles as you pit CHI Cragger against 70200 CHI Laval, rival tribes clashing for supremacy.

  • Combine the CHI Cragger set with 70204 CHI Worriz, following the building instructions available at, and create an even more imposing and powerful CHI Cragger figure.

  • Standing over 7" (19cm) tall, CHI Cragger stands tall and commands attention, striking fear into the hearts of opponents.