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LEGO - Legends of Chima - CHI Laval - 70200

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO - CHI Laval - 70200: Unleash the power of CHI with the transformable warrior, CHI Laval!


  • CHI double sword and shield: Equip CHI Laval with his powerful double sword and shield to take on the enemies of the Lion tribe.

  • Huge claws and spiked shoulder elements: Pounce on opponents with the impressive claws and showcase the cool spiked shoulder elements that add to CHI Laval's fierce appearance.

  • CHI orb chest armor: Admire the intricate CHI orb chest detailing that enhances the warrior's overall look and signifies his CHI-powered abilities.

  • Mountable shield: Attach the shield to CHI Laval's back for convenient storage and easy access during battles.

  • Super-flexible limbs: Pose CHI Laval in dynamic battle stances with his super-flexible limbs, allowing for action-packed and realistic battle poses.

  • Protect the honor of the Lion tribe: Join CHI Laval in defending the honor of the Lion tribe against their adversaries, showcasing his bravery and strength.

  • Battle with 70203 CHI Cragger: Engage in thrilling battles against CHI Cragger and the Croc tribe, showcasing the rivalry and epic clashes between the two factions.

  • Combine with 70201 CHI Eris: Use the provided building instructions available at\Chima\BI to combine CHI Laval with CHI Eris, creating an even bigger and more powerful CHI Laval figure.

  • Stands over 7" (19cm) tall: Marvel at the impressive height of CHI Laval, standing over 7 inches tall, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

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