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LEGO - Legends of Chima - CHI Mungus - 70209

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Product Description

Prepare to freeze rival tribes with CHI Mungus, the mighty leader of the Mammoth tribe! This buildable warrior harnesses the power of CHI and possesses incredible features such as a mammoth head with ice breath and tusks, a giant buildable ice mallet, and playable CHI function. Move his strong and flexible limbs into ferocious battle poses, striking fear into the hearts of opponents with each swing of the giant ice mallet. Brace yourself, for this Mammoth is anything but woolly!


  • Witness the menacing mammoth head with ice breath and tusks, embodying the power and ferocity of CHI Mungus.

  • Equip CHI Mungus with a giant buildable ice mallet, a mighty weapon capable of freezing rivals in their tracks.

  • Experience the thrill of CHI Mungus' playable CHI function, allowing you to pop out the CHI from his chest armor.

  • Enjoy complete control over CHI Mungus' super-flexible limbs, enabling you to pose him in ferocious battle stances that exude strength and power.

  • Put rivals on ice with the massive ice mallet, delivering bone-chilling blows that leave opponents frozen in fear.

  • Pop the CHI out from the chest armor, unleashing its power and further enhancing CHI Mungus' abilities.

  • Engage in epic clashes with the rival 70207 CHI Cragger, battling for dominance in the world of CHIMA.

  • Combine the CHI Mungus set with 70212 CHI Sir Fangar, following the building instructions available at\Chima\BI, and create a powered-up CHI Mungus figure that boasts even greater strength.

  • Standing over 7" (19cm) tall, CHI Mungus commands attention and stands tall as a symbol of power and dominance.