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LEGO - Legends of Chima - CHI Worriz - 70204

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Product Description

Embark on a relentless hunt for rival tribes and unleash the power of CHI Worriz! This incredible buildable warrior is fueled by CHI, boasting remarkable features such as a double-bladed CHI sword, a spinning saw blade shield, powerful paws, spiked shoulder armor, and a CHI orb chest plate. Prepare for epic battles as you pose its super-flexible limbs for awe-inspiring action poses and attack modes. Join forces with CHI Worriz in a lone wolf pack attack to hunt down CHI Laval and the Lion tribe.


  • Equip CHI Worriz with an impressive double-bladed CHI sword, capable of delivering devastating blows to opponents.

  • Defend the Wolf tribe with the spinning saw blade shield, a formidable weapon that can deflect attacks and provide protection.

  • Enhance CHI Worriz's defense by mounting the shield on its back, enabling pack-attack mode for coordinated assaults.

  • Experience complete control over CHI Worriz's super-flexible limbs, allowing you to create dynamic battle poses that showcase its agility and combat prowess.

  • Engage in intense battles as you pit CHI Worriz against 70201 CHI Eris, rival tribes clashing for dominance.

  • Combine the CHI Worriz set with 70203 CHI Cragger, following the building instructions available at\Chima\BI, and create an even more formidable and imposing CHI Worriz figure.

  • Standing over 7" (19cm) tall, CHI Worriz commands attention and stands tall as a symbol of strength and power.