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LEGO - Legends of Chima - Eris' Eagle Interceptor - 70003

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Product Description

Join Eris and take to the skies to retrieve the stolen CHI from the bird bandits Razar and Rizzo. Equipped with the powerful Eagle Interceptor, this set is packed with amazing features for exciting aerial battles. 


  • Includes 3 minifigures: Eris, Razar, and Rizzo: Join forces with Eris as she embarks on a mission to stop Razar and Rizzo from escaping with the Eagle tribe's CHI. Experience the epic clash between the tribes in the world of Chima.

  • Features CHI, flick missiles, cockpit with eject function, realistic beak, poseable wings and legs, grabbing talons, and tail: The Eagle Interceptor is packed with incredible features to enhance your play experience. Deploy the flick missiles, use the poseable wings and legs for different flight modes, and utilize the grabbing talons and tail for precise attacks.

  • Also includes raven glider: The set includes the raven glider, the winged vehicle used by Razar and Rizzo to escape. Engage in aerial dogfights with this additional vehicle and reclaim the stolen CHI.

  • Weapons include 4 CHI weapons: Arm your minifigures with the 4 CHI weapons included in the set. Enhance their combat abilities and equip them for the fierce battles that lie ahead.

  • Pose the wings for different flight modes: Customize the Eagle Interceptor's wings to adapt to different flight modes. Optimize your maneuverability and unleash devastating attacks on the bird bandits.

  • Grab with the talons: Utilize the grabbing talons to snatch enemies from the sky and gain the upper hand in aerial combat. Show off your precision and skill as you capture Razar and Rizzo.

  • Fire the flick missiles: Engage in intense battles by launching the flick missiles at your adversaries. Rain down a barrage of projectiles and keep the bird bandits on their toes.

  • Engage the secret eject function: Surprise your opponents with the secret eject function of the cockpit. Escape dangerous situations and regroup for future encounters.

  • Throw the Raven thieves in the onboard prison: Capture Razar and Rizzo and lock them up in the onboard prison. Ensure that justice is served and protect the Eagle tribe's CHI from further theft.

  • Measures over 3" (8cm) high, 7" (18cm) long, and 6" (15cm) wide: The Eagle Interceptor boasts impressive dimensions, providing a substantial size for an immersive and action-packed play experience.