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LEGO - Legends of Chima - Laval's Royal Fighter - 70005

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Product Description

Join Laval, Longtooth, and Crawley in the battle to defend the Lion tribe's CHI. Equipped with Laval's Royal Fighter, this set is packed with impressive features that enhance the play experience. 


  • Includes 3 minifigures: Laval, Longtooth, and Crawley: Join forces with Laval and his allies as they protect the Lion tribe's CHI from Crawley's sneaky attempts to steal it. Experience the exciting conflicts between tribes in the world of Chima.

  • Features CHI, huge rubber tracks, lion detailing, hidden mission map, and a big CHI-powered cannon tower: The Royal Fighter is designed with attention to detail, featuring lion-inspired aesthetics and powerful features. The huge rubber tracks allow the vehicle to conquer even the roughest surfaces. Unleash the might of the lion claws and teeth as you roll fearlessly into battle. The hidden mission map adds an element of strategy to your play, while the CHI-powered cannon tower provides a powerful defense mechanism.

  • Weapons include 2 CHI weapons: Arm your minifigures with the 2 CHI weapons included in the set. Enhance their combat abilities and equip them for epic battles.

  • Drive over the roughest surfaces with the rubber tracks: Experience the versatility of the Royal Fighter as it effortlessly tackles rough and challenging terrains. Conquer any obstacle and show off your skills as you maneuver through the rugged roads of Chima.

  • Plan and lead the battle with the hidden mission map: Utilize the hidden mission map to plan your strategies and lead your tribe to victory. Stay one step ahead of your opponents and ensure the Lion tribe's CHI remains protected.

  • Raise the CHI-powered cannon tower and point in any direction: Engage the CHI-powered cannon tower and direct its firepower in any desired direction. Defend against attacks from all angles and keep Crawley and his minions at bay.

  • Capture the enemy with the biting lion mouth: Utilize the biting lion mouth to capture Crawley and any other adversaries foolish enough to challenge the Royal Fighter. Show your strength and skill as you defend the Lion tribe's CHI.

  • Stop Crawley from taking the Lion tribe's CHI: Join forces with Laval and Longtooth to prevent Crawley from stealing the precious CHI. Engage in thrilling battles and ensure the CHI remains in the hands of the Lion tribe.

  • Impressive dimensions: The Royal Fighter measures over 7" (18cm) high, 11" (29cm) long, and 6" (17cm) wide, providing a substantial size for an immersive and action-packed play experience.